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Emails Show Clinton Ties to Supporters of Turkish Cleric Fethullah Gulen

Included in some of the newly released Clinton emails show that two Turkish businessmen who are top lieutenants of the Islamic cleric living in the U.S. being sought for extradition by Ankara received helped from then secretary of state’s aide Huma Abedin in 2009, The Daily Caller reports.

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Biden decries voting restrictions in NAACP address

Well, Vice President Joe Biden has put his foot in his mouth again. Biden urged the NAACP on Wednesday to spread the word about what he called “a hailstorm” of measures to restrict citizens’ ability to vote, trying to rally the Democratic Party’s base before the midterm elections.

US offers new aid to ex-Soviet European nations

We are in debt, yet that moron in the White House keeps bailing out other countries. The United States is offering new financial assistance to Moldova (mawl-DOH’-vah) and Georgia, two former Soviet nations the West seeks to lure toward Europe.

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Biden: Immigration crucial to American innovation

On Saturday, Vice President Joe Biden extoled immigration as crucial to American innovation at a college graduation ceremony in South Florida. The Miami Dade College graduates and their families, 2,000 strong, cheered as a procession of two dozen flags from their home countries, entered the gym and opened the program. Biden acknowledged that he was addressing many immigrants and the children and grandchildren of immigrants, many from South America and the Caribbean.

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Biden tells a whopper

On Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden said that he led the charge to include Poland in NATO when he was the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a claim that is simply not true. The problem with this latest Biden gaffe, is that he served as chairman from 2001 to 2003.

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VP Biden calls on Congress to pass gay rights bill

Biden the fool speaks again.  Who is this idiot to criticize what laws are passed in Russia?  Biden called on Congress Saturday to pass a measure to outlaw workplace discrimination against gays, saying it’s outrageous that the country is even debating the subject.

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Biden advises buy a shotgun and shoot through the door – man does, and gets arrested

Hmm remember how Biden told people to buy a shotgun and shoot through the door?  Well one such 22 year old fool took his advice and now he’s been arrested….

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Delaware taxpayers increasingly on the hook as Fisker auto plant idles

The taxpayers of Delaware are getting shafted twice, under a deal in which the Democratic governor lent $21.5 million to a hybrid electric carmaker to set up shop in the state. The company has yet to produce a car in Delaware, and taxpayers are footing the electric bill for the idle plant.

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Biden says Dems ready to compromise

Actually, Biden is full of hot air.  Already the shady dealings are beginning, yet the sheeple follow.  On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden said he and Obama are anxious to move forward on a bipartisan solution to the looming “fiscal cliff” that could force tax increases and across-the-board spending cuts next year. According to Biden though, the real question is what do Republicans plan to do?

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Who survived 4 years in Obama’s cabinet

The first 4 years, and hopefully the last are just about over. And throughout the years of the Obama Administration, his cabinet members came and went. But there are still 4 diehard members who remain to this, and still back and often defend Obama and his policies.

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