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California Senate Race Illustrates Showdown With Dems, Tea Party

Tuesday the Hill reported that the Democratic challenger in California to long-time Sen. Dianne Feinstein offers a glimpse of a new generation appealing to a party base that is as energized by the anti-Trump resistance as tea party voters were by opposition to President Barack Obama. Continue reading →

Tea Party and Unions Team Up Against Obama Fast-Track Trade Authority

Even though they are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, the Tea Party and some labor unions are teaming up to prevent Congress from giving the Obama administration broader authority to negotiate and make changes to trade deals.  Last week, Obama angered union members when he urged Congress to pass trade authority legislation, which is aimed essentially at fast-tracking deals with overseas manufacturers by allowing the administration to make changes without consulting Congress.

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Grassroots groups wage war on Obamacare

People are showing up at sporting events, trying to get people to sign a petition to stop Obamacare.  The idea is to get it either delayed or repealed.  There are many foot soldiers for the  conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity.

Back in Washington, the politically risky push by Tea Party-aligned Republicans to de-fund ObamaCare is being met with derision by Democrats and some in their own party. But the ground game behind the push to derail the law itself has been building for months.

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GOP opposition to Obamacare has Congress veering closer to gridlock

There are more than 60 conservatives in the House that  support tacking a one-year delay in implementing the health care law onto a bill needed to prevent a partial government shutdown on Oct. 1.  Senior leaders warn the GOP could suffer significant political reverses if the party goes along with the plan and President Barack Obama and Democrats resist, as they have made clear they will, but it is strongly backed by senators with Tea Party ties and their influential allies outside Congress.

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Taxpayer dollars used to fund study tying Tea Party to tobacco lobby

A recent report says that taxpayer dollars were used to fund a study that painted the Tea Party movement as the spawn of the tobacco lobby — a premise that Tea Party leaders say is absurd.

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Senate Republicans plan bigger role in primaries after losses

Senate Republican leaders who are frustrated with losing winnable seats are preparing to play a more assertive role in primary races, in consultation with the Tea Party and other conservative activists.

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