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Survey: Uninsured Rises by 2 Million This Year as Obamacare Erodes

The number of U.S. adults without health insurance has grown by some 2 million this year, according to a major new survey that finds recent coverage gains beginning to erode. Continue reading →

Trump Blasts Congress on Healthcare

President Donald Trump sent a tweet Monday morning challenging Congress to pass healthcare reform legislation before taking its traditional August break. Continue reading →

Obama signs 5-year infrastructure spending bill

Obama signed a 5-year, $305-billion bill to address the nation’s aging and congested transportation systems was signed into law Friday that will put Americans to work and provide states with the federal help they need to commit to long-term projects.

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Hill Republicans move to ‘pause’ Syrian refugee effort, with states having limited say

U.S. governors have made clear they don’t want Syrian refugees in their states after the deadly Paris terror attacks, but only Congress appears to have the authority to stop President Obama’s plan. And Capitol Hill lawmakers are moving swiftly.

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Lawmakers rip Iran deal over report Tehran can use own nuke inspectors

And people are supposed to trust these idiots? But moron in chief is still pushing for support of the deal. Capitol Hill opposition to the Iranian nuclear deal was stoked Wednesday by a bombshell report that Tehran will be allowed to use its own experts to inspect one of the country’s most controversial nuclear sites.

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McConnell’s Obamacare Repeal Measure Blocked by Senate Democrats

Senate Democrats blocked a proposal to repeal President Barack Obama’s healthcare law that Republicans sought to add to a U.S. highway funding bill. with a vote of 49-43, 60 is needed to pass the legislation, as the federal Highway Trust Fund’s authorization is set after July 31, and the Senate’s highway funding measure, H.R. 22, is significantly different from the plan passed by the House.

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Sunday in the Senate: Health care and lending bank on agenda

There’s a rare Sunday session going on in the Senate and on the agenda are efforts to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care law and reviving the federal Export-Import Bank. There is a July 31 deadline to pass both amendments to the highway bill.

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ObamaCare blamed for insurer mega-mergers amid premium hike fears

It’s all part of the Obama plan. Have one big insurance company, and eventually, it will be government controlled. Are all of you sheeple that voted for him happy now? You’ve helped contribute to the destruction of this country, and all the freedoms we hold dear.

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Reid Maneuvering to Stall Fast-Track Trade Deal

A Pacific Rim trade deal, which was expected to enjoy easy passage in Congress, is now being held up over familiar infighting between Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his Democratic nemesis Harry Reid. This is a priority for both Republicans and Obama.

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GOP Senate battles for Congress to have vote in Iran nuclear deal as talks resume, deadlines near

Both parties fought Sunday over congressional involvement in the Iran nuclear agreement, as President Obama attempted to assure critics that the U.S. won’t accept a bad deal. The debate intensified as the United States and five other world powers are set to resume negotiations next week with Iran to stop the country from pursuing and achieving a nuclear weapon. The goal of Secretary of State John Kerry and the other negotiators is to agree on the framework of a deal before April toward a final agreement by June 30.

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