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Dems cry sexism as Republicans delay vote on Obama’s AG pick

On Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee delayed a vote on President Barack Obama’s pick to the be the next attorney general, amid claims from Democrats that Republicans are delaying that vote because the nominee is a woman. Hell, the woman is another Obama butt kisser, we don’t need her.

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New bill ties Obama’s hands on immigration

Sad part is, this won’t pass.  Sen. David Vitter, R-La., is spearheading a legislative approach to the border crisis, one that he says will result in far more deportations in less time and slam the door shut on the Obama administration’s ability to use its own discretion in enforcing existing laws.

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GOP opposition to Obamacare has Congress veering closer to gridlock

There are more than 60 conservatives in the House that  support tacking a one-year delay in implementing the health care law onto a bill needed to prevent a partial government shutdown on Oct. 1.  Senior leaders warn the GOP could suffer significant political reverses if the party goes along with the plan and President Barack Obama and Democrats resist, as they have made clear they will, but it is strongly backed by senators with Tea Party ties and their influential allies outside Congress.

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