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Clinton calls for change in law she says blocked discipline of employees over Libya

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confirmed this week that several employees who were “removed” from their positions in the wake of the Libya terror attack are still being paid and have not actually left her department.

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Top State Dept. official quits, others on leave after report on security lapses in Libya

A State Department security chief has just resigned and 3 other officials could lose their jobs following the release of scathing report about safety lapses at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi in the run-up to the terror attack that killed four Americans.

But still Obama gets away scott free.

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Hillary Clinton Wants John Kerry Over Susan Rice as Her Replacement

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has reportedly taken sides in the ongoing question of who President Barack Obama will select to replace her: She wants Sen. John Kerry over embattled U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice.

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Who survived 4 years in Obama’s cabinet

The first 4 years, and hopefully the last are just about over. And throughout the years of the Obama Administration, his cabinet members came and went. But there are still 4 diehard members who remain to this, and still back and often defend Obama and his policies.

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Clinton takes responsibility for consulate security

I have to disagree on this as  Obama is commander in chief, he is the one who is the leader, and is supposed to take the blame when something happens, not shove it off on someone else.  This is nothing more than to take the focus off of  his failure as a president, and try to make him look good in the eyes of voters.  I say this is going to backfire in a big way.

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Obama Cabinet Flunks Disclosure Test With 19 in 20 Ignoring Law

Ever since his first full day in office, Obama ordered federal officials to “usher in a new era of open government” and “act promptly” to make information public. But 19 of those 20 agencies disobeyed the law requiring the disclosure of public information: The cost of travel by top officials. In all, just eight of the 57 federal agencies met Bloomberg’s request for those documents within the 20-day window required by the Act.

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