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Sessions directs prosecutors to ‘evaluate certain issues’ involving Uranium One and Clinton, leaves door open on special counsel

Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed senior federal prosecutors to evaluate “certain issues” requested by congressional Republicans, involving the sale of Uranium One and alleged unlawful dealings related to the Clinton Foundation, leaving the door open for an appointment of another special counsel. Continue reading →

House Republicans detail perjury allegations against Clinton

Fox News reports House Republicans have detailed perjury allegations against Hillary Clinton, citing the apparent conflict between her 2015 congressional testimony about her email practices and the FBI’s conclusions announced in July, according to a letter to the US Attorney for the District of Columbia.

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White House vows faster deportation of illegal immigrants, will open new detention center

The Obama administration has announced that it will work to process and deport illegal immigrants quicker, and that a new detention center for families crossing the border is to be opened. Come on folks, do we actually believe his lies? The Wall Street Journal reports that the facility, located on the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center’s Artesia, N.M., campus, will hold families while their deportation proceedings unfold.

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