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Israel warms to Sunni powers, questions US’ Palestinian focus

As the U.S. is pressing Israel to make peace with Palestinian leaders, it is missing the much bigger story of the Jewish State improving relations with several Muslim nations in the Middle East. Outlining the fast-developing relationship between Israel and other Sunni states in the region, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey, the official went beyond earlier comments by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and expressed Israel’s dismay at U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

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Israel’s Jewish Ethiopian minority rallies against racism

On Sunday, several thousand people, mostly from Israel’s Jewish Ethiopian minority, protested in Tel Aviv against racism and police brutality shutting down a major highway and scuffling with police on horseback into the night. Protesters clashed with police Sunday evening, throwing rocks and bottles at officers in riot gear. Police deployed officers on horseback and used stun grenades to try and control the crowds in central Tel Aviv.

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France says will propose UN Security Council draft on Israel

Friday, France’s Foreign Minister said his country will propose a U.N. Security Council resolution in the coming weeks that could present a framework for negotiations toward resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Netanyahu: Obama ‘Can’t Force’ Israel to Accept Iran Deal

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview to be broadcast Thursday night on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File,” that Israel cannot be expected to accept a nuclear deal with Iran that would threaten its existence.

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Israel’s Leader Says the Rebuke Goes ‘Against American Values.’

Obummer needs a refresher course in world politics. Israel’s prime minister dismissed a recent White House rebuke of Israeli settlement construction, saying in comments broadcast on Sunday that the criticism goes “against American values.”

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Israeli military steps up Gaza Strip airstrikes on second day of offensive

On Wednesday, Israeli’s military said that it had struck around 200 sites linked to the Islamic militant group Hamas on the second day of an offensive aimed at stopping rocket attacks directed at key cities across Israel. The army said sites that it attacked in Gaza Wednesday included 118 concealed rocket-launching sites, six Hamas compounds, 10 militant command centers, weapons storage facilities and 10 tunnels used for militant activity and to ferry supplies in from Egypt. The border between Gaza and Egypt has effectively been closed for months.

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