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Sandy Relief Bill Gives $100 Million to Failed Head Start Program

Here is a good example of just how crooked our politicians are, in capitalizing on tragedy. The Superstorm Sandy relief bill planned for a vote Tuesday allocates $100 million for the Head Start program, which not only has nothing to do with the storm, but is also a program that doesn’t work, according to a Wall Street Journal editorial.

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Gov Christie seeks full reimbursement for storm costs

This will never happen, we are broke, and Obama could care less, as all the people got from him are broken promises once again, just to get re-elected. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie wants full federal reimbursement for some superstorm-related costs.

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Debt ceiling looms, as bill for Sandy mounts

As lawmakers scramble to avoid a catastrophic budget meltdown known as the “fiscal cliff,” the nation also is fast approaching its borrowing limit — and expenses like the nearly $100 billion tab for superstorm Sandy damage are only pushing the nation further into a rising sea of red ink.

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FEMA – What happened to no red tape?

New Yorkers that were heavily hit from Hurricane Sandy are irate as Obama promised to cut all the red tape and get them aid in the aftermath of Sandy has proven to be hot air.  Angry citizens vented at FEMA officials at a town hall meeting held by the disaster relief agency Thursday,  with tempers boiling over. Some 1,000 people, many left homeless by the Oct. 29  storm, attended the meeting at Staten Island’s New Dorp High School.

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After Sandy: Small businesses ask where’s the help?

Less than a week after Obama visited the storm stricken area, accusations of government bureaucracy and broken promises of help have stifled the recovery of small businesses in Staten Island.  Local business owners say no help has come, and if it doesn’t they stand to lose everything. So much for Obama and his pledge to help cut all the bureaucracy.

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Murdoch to Christie: Redeclare for Romney or Take Blame for Defeat

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Gov Chris Christie showered Obama with praise when the 2 met in New Jersey last week to assess the damage left behind. Obama “promised” that the feds were behind the victims and would pay 100% of the recovery and rebuilding efforts. But this has caused controversy among Republicans.

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