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VA Spends $6 Billion Each Year Without Proper Bids

The VA has been violating federal contracting rules while spending at least $6 billion a year to pay for medical care and supplies, a senior official for procurement has said, according to The Washington Post. In a 35-page internal memo sent to VA Secretary Robert McDonald, Jan Frye, deputy assistant secretary for acquisition and logistics, accuses the agency’s leadership of “gross mismanagement” and making a “mockery” of federal acquisition laws that mandate competitive bidding and proper contracting.

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Senators urge DOJ to lead criminal probe of VA, as audit details problems

Let’s get this straight. Senators want crooks to investigate crooks? Nearly 24 senators issued a bipartisan call for the Justice Department to lead a criminal probe into the Veterans Affairs scandal, citing mounting evidence of secret waiting lists and other “potential criminal wrongdoing.”

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