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Dem Rep. Al Green introduces articles of impeachment against Trump

Wednesday Liberal Democratic Rep. Al Green followed through on threats to file articles of impeachment against President Trump, introducing the resolution in the House while delivering an anti-Trump tirade on the floor. Continue reading →

FBI agreed to destroy laptops of Clinton aides with immunity deal, lawmaker says

There you have it folks, the FBI is just as corrupt as Hildabitch. House Judiciary Committee sources told Fox News on Monday, immunity deals for two top Hillary Clinton aides included a side arrangement obliging the FBI to destroy their laptops after reviewing the devices.

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House oversight chairman moves to censure IRS chief, strip pension

The chairman of the top House investigative panel introduced a measure Wednesday to censure IRS Commissioner John Koskinen — and remove him from office without a pension — in the latest bid by Republicans to pressure him into being more cooperative in their probe of the 2013 IRS targeting scandal.

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Asylum is ‘secret password’ for immigrants looking to enter US, say critics

If imigrants want to come across our border, there’s one simple word that allows them to enter: Asylum.

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U.S. lawmakers seek FBI “timeline” of Petraeus investigation

The head of the Judiciary Committee in the House, has asked for a Lawmakers from both parties are demanding an official account from the FBI, and its investigation into an extramarital affair between Petraeus and his biographer, Paula Broadwell.

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