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House Issues Subpoena on Diplomatic Training Facility

The House Foreign Affairs Committee is demanding that the Obama administration release details of its plans to build a $1 billion training facility for diplomatic security personnel. Committee chairman Ed Royce has issued a subpoena to the Office of Management and Budget to compel the release of documents detailing the cost effectiveness of the project. He argues that an existing training site operated by the Department of Homeland Security would be sufficient for current training needs.

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House panel OKs stripping passports from US terrorists

On Thursday the House Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously approved three bills designed to aid the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, including one that would allow the State Department to revoke the passports of U.S. citizens who join the group or any other terrorist organization.

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Congress OKs bill expanding rewards program

Congress has approved legislation that would expand the State Department’s rewards for justice program to target the world’s most serious human rights abusers, with African warlord Joseph Kony a top target. On Tuesday, the House passed the bill withh a voice vote, and sent it to President Barack Obama for his signature. The State Department strongly backed the legislation.

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