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Administration adds major new exemption for ObamaCare individual mandate

The administration has added a mega-exemption that critics say would allow virtually anybody to skirt the individual mandate to buy insurance. “The door’s wide open,” economist Doug Holtz-Eakin told Fox News. “[The] mandate which they said was absolutely crucial to ObamaCare is falling apart day by day.”

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Perry to Sebelius: Don’t Blame ‘Pesky Texans’ for Obamacare Problems

Gov Rick Perry of Texas just told Sebelius to stop blaming pesky Texans for the Obamacare mess, as his state has just strenghtened qualification requirements for Obamacare navigators, saying it’s not the state’s fault that President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare program has so many problems.

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Obamacare individual mandate opposition at all-time high

Opposition to the individual mandate is at an all-time high. About 58% of Americans don’t believe the government should require every American to have health insurance, up from 54 percent last month. Just 33 percent of likely voters support the mandate, a cornerstone of the president’s health care reform law.

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White House and HHS warned in March about healthcare website

Documents show that in March, Obama was warned about potential risks with the implementation of HealthCare.gov, according to documents released by the House Energy and Commerce Committee Monday night. Key administration officials at the White House and Department of Health and Human Services received briefings this past spring from McKinsey & Co., a private consulting firm that reviewed more than 200 documents and conducted interviews with HHS staff to identify potential problems before the Oct. 1 rollout.

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Obama Cabinet Flunks Disclosure Test With 19 in 20 Ignoring Law

Ever since his first full day in office, Obama ordered federal officials to “usher in a new era of open government” and “act promptly” to make information public. But 19 of those 20 agencies disobeyed the law requiring the disclosure of public information: The cost of travel by top officials. In all, just eight of the 57 federal agencies met Bloomberg’s request for those documents within the 20-day window required by the Act.

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