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Single-payer health care gains momentum in liberal states — but can they afford it?

As Obamacare bites the dust, and the GOP effort to replace it uncertain, California and a handful of other liberal states are proposing to adopt a European-style, single-payer health care system where residents pay the state and the state provides care – regardless of income, occupation, or health status. Continue reading →

As Calif. moves on Medicaid expansion, study finds half of illegal immigrants qualify

Time to kick those jackasses out of office, and deport all illegal asses. Over half of all illegal immigrants in California earn incomes so low that they would be eligible for the state Medicaid system Medi-Cal, a new study has found, just as California is about to extend the health insurance to children in the country illegally.

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California tightens handgun restrictions

California has banned the sale of single-shot handguns that can be altered into semi-automatic weapons, handing a modest victory to proponents of tougher gun laws while striving to protect antique collectors.

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California Governor Brown wants rainy-day fund in constitution

On Wednesday, California Gov Jerry Brown stepped up his efforts to enshrine a rainy day fund in the state’s constitution, stealing some thunder from Republicans backing a similar measure as he seeks an unprecedented fourth term. Brown, a Democrat who has followed a path of fiscal restraint since returning as governor in 2011 from two previous terms of office in the 1970s and ’80s, is widely credited with restoring stability to California’s battered budget after years of multibillion-dollar deficits.

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Calif. Democrats with Supermajority Make Big Plans

Now that they have the supermajority, that gives them unbridled powers, the Democratic Party in California is moving to enact sweeping tax and spending legislation that will stand out among the 50 states in 2013.

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Brown Vows to Curb Tax Increases After Winning California Vote

California Gov Jerry Brown vows that he will hold the line on additional tax increases as long as the legislature constrains new spending programs after voters in the state approved raising levies on sales and income.

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Gov. Brown wants high-taxed Californians to pay more for schools

Even though California is one of the most taxed states in the nation, Gov Jerry Brown says Californians will have to pay even more. With a $16 billion deficit, Brown is pushing a ballot measure next month known as Prop 30 that would increase taxes by up to 30 percent on those earning more than $300,000. Brown claims that unless voters pass the measure, dubbed the “millionaires tax,” he’ll cut the school year by three weeks to save money.

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California bans gay “conversion” therapy for minors

Gov Jerry Brown of California has signed a bill that would bar a controversial therapy that aims to reverse homosexuality in minors, the measure’s sponsor said on Sunday, making California the first state to ban a practice many say is psychologically damaging.

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