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House GOP Wants To Know Exactly Who Approved $1.3 Billion For Failing Obamacare Exchanges

House Republicans want some answers from Obama, mainly –  for details on over $1 billion in federal grants to failed state Obamacare exchanges, asking for access to the federal officials who approved funding for the struggling states. On Tuesday, members of  the House Energy and Commerce Committee sent a letter to outgoing HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius asking for access to the federal officials who approved funding for seven states whose federal grant money comprised $1.3 billion.

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GOP predicted subsidy part of Obamacare would cause problems

It looks like once again, Republicans were right, when they said that should Obummer go ahead, and allow people to sign up for subsidies, to help pay for health insurance without checking their income, would cause problems….it did.

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GOP lawmaker introduces legislation to force Administration to reveal Obamacare enrollment

On Tuesday, Sen Lamar Alexander announced that he plans to introduce legislation requiring weekly Obamacare status reports to Congress, the states, and the public.

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GOP: No Budget, No Pay

On Friday House Republicans said they would allow a vote next week on a short-term increase in the debt ceiling, a move that could avert a risky stand-off with President Obama — at least for now. House GOP leaders said they would move on a measure allowing the government to borrow for about three more months. Without an extension, the country is expected to exhaust that authority by mid-February, risking the possibility of a market-rattling default.

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Obama says Republican proposals would put nonprofits at risk

On Tuesday Obama warned that Republican tax proposals could threaten the collapse of hospitals and universities benefiting from charitable deductions. But Obama, didn’t you say your healthcare plan cuts payments to hospitals, and isn’t that in fact hurting them more than cutting spending?

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