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Trump plans to lift Obama-era ban on giving local police military equipment

The Trump administration is preparing to lift an Obama-era policy that restricted surplus military equipment from being used by local law enforcement agencies.

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Top police group wants Justice to investigate Dallas police killings as hate crime

The Fraternal Order of Police, the country’s largest group of sworn law-enforcement officers, is asking the DOJ, to “immediately” investigate the killing of five Dallas police officers as a hate crime. “The U.S. Department of Justice is always quick to insert itself into local investigations,” group President Chuck Canterbury said Friday. “Today we expect action just as swift. We want a federal investigation into those who were motivated by their hatred of police to commit mass murder in Dallas.”

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Police Group Head Slams Obama Over ‘Excessive Force’ Comment

Obama has been blasted by the head of the Fraternal Order of Police for accusing police in Ferguson, Missouri, of using “excessive force” to handle “peaceful protests.”

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