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Issa: Trump Hasn’t Closed Door on Hillary Prosecution

You can’t explain some things to people – he doesn’t have the power to do it, only the DOJ and FBI can bring charges. Trump said he doesn’t want to hurt his former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton any more, but hasn’t declared her innocent, so she could still be prosecuted over her use of a private email server or other possible wrongdoing, Rep. Darrell Issa said Friday.

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Wisconsin residents without ID can vote in November, judge rules

Wisconsin residents who can’t obtain photo identification will still be able to vote in November’s general election, a federal judge ruled Tuesday, carving out an exception to state law that requires all voters to show photo IDs at the polls.

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Obama Administration Expedites $29M Payout to Charleston Victims

The Obama administration is fast-tracking a huge payout to the victims of the Charleston, S.C., church shooting, giving the families of those slain millions more than victims from Sandy Hook, Boston, and other mass murders.

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Black Caucus to Obama: Make Police Undergo ‘Sensitivity Training’

Why don’t these blacks just button their lips instead? They are becoming rather boring with their demands for special treatment. But then, the race baiter in the White House has them stirred up.

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US announces protections for transgender workers

Attorney General Eric Holder has signed a memo that prohibits workplace discrimination against transgender people. That means the DOJ will be able to bring legal claims on behalf of people who say they’ve been discriminated against by state and local public employers based on sex identity. In defending lawsuits, the federal government also will no longer take the position that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which bans sex discrimination, does not protect against workplace discrimination on the basis of gender status.

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Courts Overloaded with Deportation Cases for Child Illegals

Why aren’t there troops on the border stopping this?  Because Obummer is hell bent on destroying this country.  A year ear after the surge began of illegal migrant children across the southern U.S. border, courts are buckling under the load of deportation cases, while immigration rights activists are sounding the alarm that many children can’t get fair hearings because they are without legal representation.

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Benghazi: ‘No Evidence’ On Suspect Khatallah

An attorney for the Libyan militia leader accused of being a ringleader in the 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi has said there is no evidence against him. Ahmed Abu Khatallah, who is about 43 years old, made his second appearance on Wednesday at the US District Court in Washington DC where a judge agreed that he should be kept in detention.

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Benghazi attack suspect to face 3 criminal counts, 1 carries death penalty

The suspected terrorist linked to the 2012 Benghazi attack that killed four Americans will face criminal federal charges on three counts, including one which could carry the death penalty. Tuesday, the DOJ said that Ahmed Abu Khattala could face more charges in the coming days and will be tried in federal court in Washington D.C. The Ansar al-Sharia commander was captured Sunday during a joint U.S. military and law enforcement operation.

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House Calls for Special Counsel to Investigate IRS

The House has approved has approved a nonbinding resolution calling on the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Internal Revenue Service over the way agents handled applications for tax-exempt status. The IRS has acknowledged that its agents improperly singled out applications from tea party and other conservative groups for extra scrutiny. But officials denied there were political motives.

House votes to hold Lerner in contempt of Congress

On Wednesday, the House voted to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify about the agency’s targeting of conservative groups. The House voted 231-187 for a resolution holding Lerner in contempt. All the Republicans voted yes, along with six Democrats.

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