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*’Pay-to-play’ at Clinton State Department exposed in new emails

Thursday, a conservative watchdog group said newly disclosed emails expose fresh examples of “pay to play” at the Clinton State Department. The emails, from Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s account, were among 1,600 documents turned over by the State Department in connection with Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. Continue reading →

Congress could get record of FBI’s Clinton interview over emails by this week

A source confirmed Sunday that some of the FBI files on the agency’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server system while secretary of state could be given to a House oversight committee as early as this week. The only matter holding up the process is issues within the Justice Department, said the source, without offering further explanation.

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State Dept. IG subpoenaed Clinton Foundation in 2015

A source said Thursday that the Clinton Foundation was subpoenaed last fall by State Department investigators for records relating to charity projects that might have come before the department when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

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