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UK lawmaker calls for Parliament to ignore EU referendum as millions call for second vote

Gee whiz, that sounds like here in the US….so pissed at the voters, the UK wants to void all ballots to leave the EU. When will these elite idiots learn? They don’t rule the world, the voters do.

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In Germany, Obama urges Europe to stay united for good of the world

Monday Obama said the United States needed a strong, united Europe to maintain international order, and he urged European allies to increase defense spending to address Islamic State and other security threats. Wrapping up a trip to Germany that has focused on boosting trade ties, Obama pleaded with Europeans to look past the multiple crises facing their nations and maintain the unity that had brought peace to their continent.

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Even after Brussels, Congress no closer to authorizing military force on ISIS

To this day, Congress hasn’t approved any new Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) to combat ISIS in the wake of the Brussels terrorism attacks might be breathtaking. But Congress was never going to approve a constitutionally-mandated authorization to take on the Islamic State, regardless of whether terrorists rocked Brussels — or hit Paris or the offices of Charlie Hebdo.

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Obama Will Not Attend 70th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation

Of course he won’t go. He cares only about his Muslim buddies. On Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will represent the United States at the 70th anniversary ceremony for the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

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Holder, top US official in Paris for terror talks, not seen at unity march

Attorney General Eric Holder is in Paris this week to attend a meeting on fighting terrorism, but did not participate in a march with world leaders Sunday to honor the 17 people killed last week in France. Forty world leaders marched arm in arm through Paris to rally for unity and freedom of expression and to honor the victims of the three days of terrorist attacks.

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