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Russia: We Have Not Hit Syrian Civilians

The Russian military says it has not hit civilian targets in Syria since it first started its bombing campaign three months ago. But the propaganda machines don’t stop. A senior Russian officer said Russian pilots were so well-trained they “never missed their targets”.

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Carly Fiorina: US Has ‘Done Its Fair Share’ on Syrian Refugees

Sunday Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina  said the United States should not make exceptions to take in a greater number of Syrian refugees.  She’s right.  Our welfare system is broke, we can’t afford to put anymore on the system.  Not to mention the fact that terrorists are coming in with the refugees.

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US ‘Deeply Concerned’ Over Morsi Death Sentence

This is no surprise, considering Obama backed him as president of Egypt. He was really ticked off, when the military overthrew his buddy. The US US ‘Deeply Concerned’ Over Morsi Death Sentence.

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