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After reviewing all the donations to the Clinton Foundation, it was found that  big labor unions such as the AFL-CIO, teachers unions, and state and county workers unions gave millions of their members’ dues money to the Clintons.

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AFL-CIO, Chamber of Commerce clash over trade before Senate

Major labor unions and business groups clashed Tuesday over President Barack Obama’s bid for “fast track” authority to advance trade deals being negotiated with numerous nations. AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka told the Senate Finance Committee that the fast track legislation would rob Congress of a meaningful role in shaping trade deals.

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Obama defends pursuit of sweeping trade pact

On Friday Obama defended his pursuit of a sweeping trade pact as good for American workers in a global economy, dismissing fierce opposition from his own party as a “ratification of the status quo.” Earlier in the day, Michigan Rep. Sander Levin, the senior Democrat of House Ways and Means Committee, declared he was “out to defeat” the legislation because, he said, it would cost U.S. jobs and damage the environment. Only a few Democrats in the House, Levin predicted, would support the legislation.

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Senate votes to kill a labor board rule that unions backed

The Republican-controlled Senate has voted 53-46 to kill a National Labor Relations Board rule reducing the time between a union’s request for representation and a workers’ vote on it. The legislation now goes to the House, where approval is also assured.

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Unions sue over Wisconsin right-to-work law

On Tuesday, several unions filed a lawsuit, challenging the constitutionality of a recent Wisconsin law which bans mandatory union dues as a condition of employment. The policy, known as right-to-work, was signed into law Monday by Gov. Scott Walker after it passed both the state senate and assembly. The Wisconsin AFL-CIO from the beginning has fought the law by helping to organize rallies in front of the state capital. Now, in its latest attempt to stop the policy, it has filed charges against the new law. The AFL-CIO is getting support from the Machinists Local Lodge 1061 and the United Steelworkers District 2.

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Admin to force companies to disclose ratio of CEO-to-worker pay

Big boss Obama is dictating again. Companies will be forced to disclose how many times more their Chief Executive Officers earn relative to rank and file employees, the result of a little known regulation in Dodd-Frank to be finalized later this year.

Of course, this plan has the support of labor unions like the AFL-CIO, which seeks to “shame companies into lowering CEO pay.” The price tag of the regulation is expected to be “substantial,” costing more than $72.7 million and over 500,000 hours to comply.

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Tea Party and Unions Team Up Against Obama Fast-Track Trade Authority

Even though they are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, the Tea Party and some labor unions are teaming up to prevent Congress from giving the Obama administration broader authority to negotiate and make changes to trade deals.  Last week, Obama angered union members when he urged Congress to pass trade authority legislation, which is aimed essentially at fast-tracking deals with overseas manufacturers by allowing the administration to make changes without consulting Congress.

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Unions may receive Obamacare tax waivers

The Wall Street Journal says that the Administration is considering giving unions a tax waiver that provides money for an Obamacare reinsurance fund.  The fund, which will reimburse insurers on the exchanges if their costs are higher than expected, is financed by every U.S. citizen with a private health plan. The fee is expected to be $63 per person next year.

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