Las Vegas shooting: Gun shares rise, in keeping with US shooting trend

Monday shares in gun manufacturers rose in the first few hours of trading just hours after a gunman killed at least 50 people in Las Vegas. It is thought the rise is down to an anticipated rush to buy weapons as people fear a tightening of gun control laws. Continue reading →


Puerto Rican CEO: Local government ‘corrupt’ and ‘totally inexperienced’ in Maria cleanup

Saturday the head of an international engineering firm in Puerto Rico said in an editorial said that when the time came to send 50 of his engineers to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, he bypassed local officials and went straight to FEMA. Continue reading →

U.S. carrier navigates crowded waters as North Korea tensions mount

On Saturday, as F-18 Super Hornet jet fighters roared from the decks of the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier during routine drills deep in the South China Sea, two Chinese frigates maintained a constant line-of-sight vigil. Continue reading →

Cruz: Healthcare Subsidy Action ‘Exactly Right Thing to Do’

President Donald Trump’s decision to scrap health insurance companies’ subsidies was “exactly the right thing to do,” as the money was being spent for “massive bailouts” at a time when insurance companies’ profits have doubled, Sen. Ted Cruz said Friday. Continue reading →

GOP’s Collins Staying in Senate, Not Running for Governor of Maine

It’s time to vote this RINO out of office. Friday Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins announced that she’s staying out of the governor’s race because she believes she can do more good for Maine by staying in Washington. Continue reading →

Social Security benefits to rise by 2 percent in 2018

Millions of Social Security recipients and other retirees will get a 2 percent increase in benefits next year. It’s the largest increase since 2012 but comes to only $25 a month for the average beneficiary. Continue reading →

Pence visits FEMA headquarters as Trump defends response to Puerto Rico

Saturday Vice President Mike Pence visited FEMA headquarters in Washington for briefings on recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, as President Trump defends the administration’s response to the territories after Hurricane Maria. Continue reading →

FBI Reviews Allegations Of Puerto Rican Officials Withholding Hurricane Relief

And they expect US taxpayers to keep bailing them out. The FBI  in Puerto Rico received multiple allegations from residents across the island who say local officials in the territory have withheld needed FEMA supplies. Continue reading →

Trump resists pressure to soften stance on Iran nuclear deal

President Trump in under immense pressure as he considers de-certifying the international nuclear deal with Iran, a move that would ignore warnings from inside and outside his administration that to do so would risk undermining U.S. credibility. Continue reading →

Trump puts Puerto Rico on notice over hurricane aid

 President Donald Trump has griped about emergency relief efforts in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, saying federal aid cannot continue “forever”. In tweets, he accused Puerto Rico of a “total lack of accountability”, adding that “electric and all infrastructure was disaster before hurricanes”.


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