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Ransomware cyber-attack threat escalating – Europe

Europol chief Rob Wainwright says Friday’s cyber-attack has affected more than 200,000 victims in 150 countries. He told the BBC the act was “unprecedented in its scale” and warned more people could find themselves affected on Monday morning. Continue reading →

Russian fighter jet comes within 20 feet of US Navy aircraft, official says

Tuesday an armed Russian fighter jet flew alarmingly close to a U.S. Navy reconnaissance aircraft flying in the Black Sea just one day before Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited Washington. Continue reading →

Trump administration praises deal expanding trade with China

Thursday the White House said that the U.S. and China have reached an agreement on trade polices related to beef, poultry and natural gas that are expected to increase American exports. Continue reading →

Painkillers Headed for ISIS Terrorists Who Fight While High

Police in Italy have seized an estimated 37 million painkillers which they suspect were being shipped to Libya to be sold to ISIS fighters who take them during battle. Police in Italy have seized an estimated 37 million painkillers which they suspect were being shipped to Libya to be sold to ISIS fighters who take them during battle. Continue reading →

Nigeria schoolgirls: Parents of freed Chibok girls still wait to see them

The parents of 82 school girls who were released last weekend by Boko Haram said Wednesday they still were awaiting word from the government on when they will be able to see their daughters. Continue reading →

North Korea’s mystery islands: Man-made keys could be new nuclear launch sites

Artificial islands have been discovered surrounding Sohae Satellite Launching Station, a missile development and testing site roughly 70 miles northwest of Pyongyang. Satellite images suggest the islands are home to military installations and have been under development for at least five years. Continue reading →

North Korean State Media Warns China of ‘Grave Consequences’

A government-run news agency in North Korea threw a jab at China by warning of “grave consequences” over its involvement in North Korea’s feud with the West. Kim Chol wrote an opinion piece for the Korean Central News Agency and said China needs to watch where it steps. Continue reading →

George Soros battles $10B lawsuit, familiar charges of wielding political influence

A $10 billion lawsuit has been filed against George Soros who stands accused of meddling in the politics of a poor African country in order to settle his own scores, a charge the billionaire’s critics say reflects his longtime modus operandi. Continue reading →

‘Lazy’ Woman, 23, Sues Parents Who Refused to Support her Financially

A 23-year-old woman from Spain sued her parents after they refused to continue to support her financially. The woman, who has not been identified, lost her case after a judge ruled she was “too lazy to earn a living”. In a ruling made public this week by the provincial court of Cantabria in the town of Castro Urdiales, in the north of the country, the woman was told she had wasted the opportunities available to her and was not owed anything by her parents. Continue reading →

Syria war: IS driven back in Tabqa, US-backed fighters say

US-backed Syrian fighters say they have made more gains in their battle with Islamic State (IS) militants for the strategic city of Tabqa. Amid fierce street fighting, allied Kurdish and Arab militias known as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) say they have captured six more districts. Continue reading →