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Warning of inner-UK ‘trade war’ post-Brexit

The first minister has warned of a “trade war” between the nations of the United Kingdom unless new rules are established post-Brexit.Carwyn Jones made the claim as he announced Labour will undertake a constitutional convention to discuss the future make-up of the UK.He warned an inability to set UK-wide trade rules “could cost jobs”.

Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies said he was baffled by Mr Jones’ comments.

Speaking to BBC Wales’ Sunday Politics Wales programme, Mr Jones said: “At the moment there are rules. There are EU state aid rules that govern what we can and can’t do.

“If there are no rules, it becomes a free-for-all. That’s a bad thing for any single market.”


EU state aid rules regulate how much help governments can give to local industries.

Mr Jones said an inability to set UK-wide trade rules after Brexit “could cost jobs, it could cost a lot of money – that affects ordinary people, and that needs to be resolved as soon as possible.”


Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew RT Davies said: “I’m baffled by his pronunciation of a trade war.

“As I last looked at the constitutional settlement, trade and industry certainly wasn’t devolved and international negotiation was not devolved.”


Mr Jones also told the programme that the battle to keep the United Kingdom together “will be lost” unless the UK government starts listening to the devolved nations.

“We can share power in the UK, we can still be stable, we can still have the union, but the UK government needs to realise this now otherwise the battle will be lost,” he said. “They need to wake up and smell the coffee.”


Senior party figures from across Britain, including former prime minister Gordon Brown, will attend the launch of the constitutional convention in Cardiff at the end of March. The first minister first called for a UK-wide constitutional convention five years ago.

Plaid Cymru criticised the announcement, adding that Wales needed its own constitutional convention.

Adam Price, the party’s economy spokesman, said: “Rather than the Labour party talking to itself, why doesn’t it talk to the rest of us?”


UKIP assembly group leader Neil Hamilton said he thought Brexit would lead to “more powers” to the devolved institutions.

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Mark Williams welcomed the convention but said “there’s a much bigger question than what we’re being presented with at the moment and that requires an UK response”.


Paris airport attack: Prosecutors say attacker was monitored for suspected Islamic extremism

And our damn dumb liberal judges say Trump has no authority to ban the Mudslimes from entering our country. Saturday the 39-year-old suspected attacker killed at Paris’ Orly airport after trying to wrestle away a soldier’s weapon had already crossed authorities’ radar for suspected Islamic extremism. Continue reading →

US buildup near Korean Peninsula aimed at ‘incapacitating’ Kim: Report

A growing U.S. presence off the Korean Peninsula, which includes drone stations, military drills and even elite American special forces, is reportedly part of a plan aimed at “incapacitating” the rogue regime in Pyongyang should conflict break out.

Continue reading →

Families who aided Edward Snowden seeking asylum in Canada

A trio of families who sheltered former government contractor-turned-notorious leaker Edward Snowden in Hong Kong in 2013 are now seeking asylum in Canada, the northern neighbor of the country whose secrets Snowden stole. Continue reading →

Iraqi insurgent fighter allegedly lied about identity, got through ‘extreme’ vetting

Federal lawmakers are investigating how a former Iraqi insurgent fighter was able to lie about his identity and still get through America’s ‘extreme’ vetting process. I know how he got in, those dumb ass liberals won’t let Trump vet them, and deny visas. Continue reading →

Trump Russia Probe Does Not Need Special Counsel, Former Federal Prosecutor Robert Ray Says

Sunday former federal prosecutor Robert Ray said there is no need for special counsel to look into possible ties between the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and Russian officials. Continue reading →

French Primary School Teacher Suspended After Reading Bible to Children

In France, a primary school teacher was suspended after reportedly reading passages from the Bible to his students. Denounced by a “group of parents” who wrote an anonymous letter to the director of the school, the teacher is now accused of violating the principle of secularism in school and even of “proselytism”– an attempt to convert people to a religious belief. Continue reading →

Ex-CIA officer who faced extradition freed after intervention from Trump administration

A former CIA case officer who faced extradition to Italy for her alleged role in the rendition of a radical Egyptian Muslim cleric is now free after Trump administration officials intervened. CIA Director Mike Pompeo lobbied his counterparts in Portugal and Italy on behalf of Sabrina De Sousa who was convicted in absentia along with 25 other Americans after the post-9/11 rendition of an Egyptian cleric. He was later found guilty on terrorism charges. Continue reading →

Kushner, Flynn met with Russian ambassador in December

Hey folks, who the hell cares who they met with? Who do rot gut Demonrats meet with in private. Or better yet, what did pants droppin’ Clinton and Loretta Lynch do on that tarmac in Arizona last summer? Continue reading →

Sessions gets boost from Senate allies – and Dem’s Twitter flub – amid Russia uproar

Thursday several senators on both sides of the aisle rushed to back Attorney General Jeff Sessions as he sought to blunt resignation calls from senior Democrats, following revelations he met last year with Russia’s ambassador – a detail omitted from recent congressional testimony. Continue reading →