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NKorea Prepping for Possible ICBM Launch After Nuclear Test

South Korea detected that North Korea is continuing to prepare for a possible intercontinental ballistic missile launch, a move that would further raise tensions a day after it conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear detonation. Continue reading →

Priti Patel announces reduced UK aid to Nigeria

Britain is to halve the amount of money it gives in humanitarian aid to Nigeria over the next few years, says the international development minister. The aid worth £200m ($258m) over the next fours years is a 50% drop from the £100m it spent in the past 12 months. Continue reading →

Iran rejects U.S. demand for U.N. inspector visit to military sites

Iran said no to a U.S. demand for U.N. nuclear inspectors to visit its military bases as “merely a dream” as Washington reviews a 2015 nuclear agreement between Tehran and six world powers, including the United States. President Donald Trump has called the nuclear pact – negotiated under his predecessor Barack Obama – “the worst deal ever”. In April, he ordered a review of whether a suspension of nuclear sanctions on Iran was in the U.S. interest. Continue reading →

Barcelona attack: Suspect says bigger attack was planned

One of the alleged Barcelona attack plotters has admitted a bigger attack was planned, say judicial sources. Mohamed Houli Chemlal was testifying in the Madrid high court, where the four surviving suspects are appearing. He was injured in an accidental blast that reduced a house to rubble in the town of Alcanar last Wednesday. Continue reading →

Israel Minister Ripped for Trump Support Amid Hate Controversy

Standing with President Donald Trump amid the recent hate-group controversy directed against him, calling Trump “the best U.S. leader Israel has ever had,” has opened up Israeli Communications Minister Ayoub Kara for criticism. Continue reading →

Trump hints at Afghanistan agreement with US generals

Saturday President Trump hinted that he and top U.S. generals have agreed on a new strategy for the war in Afghanistan, after huddling Friday at the presidential Camp David retreat. “Important day spent at Camp David with our very talented Generals and military leaders,” Trump tweeted. “Many decisions made, including on Afghanistan.”

Fox News

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Spanish police ‘stop second attack’ after 13 killed in Barcelona

Spanish police say they have killed four people in Cambrils to stop what they say was a second attempted attack after an earlier one in Barcelona.Police warned people to stay off the streets, with shots reported in the port of Cambrils. Continue reading →

North Korea is executing, torturing and enslaving those who practice religion

In a report released Tuesday the North Korean regime has continued to position itself as the one of the world’s worst persecutors of the religious, torturing and killing people who practice their faith. The 2016 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom determined that the government led by dictator Kim Jong Un continues to delineate brutal punishments for those who engage in faith-bound acts outside of worshipping the country’s leadership. The punishment includes “executions, torture, beatings and arrests.” Continue reading →

North Korea leader ‘briefed’ on Guam missile plan

According to Korean state media, Kim Jong-un has been briefed on a plan to fire missiles towards the US Pacific territory of Guam. But the report said he would watch US actions before making a decision on “the enveloping fire at Guam”. Last week, the North said a plan was being drawn up to fire four missiles into the sea off Guam, where US bombers are based. Continue reading →

Trump to North Korea: Be very, very nervous

President Donald Trump has warned North Korea it should be “very, very nervous” if it does anything to the US. He said the regime would be in trouble “like few nations have ever been” if they do not “get their act together”. His comments came after Pyongyang announced it had a plan to fire four missiles near the US territory of Guam. Continue reading →