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Chief Palestinian Negotiator to Nikki Haley: ‘Shut Up’

President Donald Trump’s administration is orchestrating a “coup” to get rid of the Palestinian leadership and his Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley should learn to “shut up” and refrain from criticizing Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Secretary of the PLO Executive Committee Saeb Erekat said in an interview published on Saturday. Continue reading →

Israeli authorities knock down part of Bedouin school in West Bank

Sunday Israeli authorities tore down two EU-funded classrooms that were part of a school for Bedouins in the occupied West Bank because they said they were built illegally. Palestinians condemned the move. Continue reading →

Treasury Dept. Hits Hezbollah With New Sanctions

Friday the Trump Administration hit six people and seven businesses linked to Hezbollah with terror sanctions, calling it “the first wave” in a pressure campaign that will escalate throughout the year. Continue reading →

Americans who visited Cuba report similar symptoms suffered by US diplomats

About two dozen Americans who traveled to Cuba have reported experiencing similar symptoms to those suffered by U.S. diplomats serving at the American Embassy. “Since September 29, the Department of State has been contacted by 19 U.S. citizens who reported experiencing symptoms similar to those listed in the Travel Warning after visiting Cuba,” a spokesperson for the State Department’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs told the Miami Herald via email. Continue reading →

Trump willing to ‘sit down’ with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

Wednesday President Trump said he is willing to negotiate directly with Kim Jong Un over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program but expressed doubts it would ultimately work. Continue reading →

US Set to Cut UN Money for Palestinian Refugees

The Trump administration is preparing to withhold tens of millions of dollars from the U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees, cutting the year’s first contribution by more than half or perhaps entirely, and making additional donations contingent on major changes to the organization, according to U.S. officials. Continue reading →

North Korea slams South Korean president for Trump credit remark, praises Kim Jong Un’s policy for ‘reunification’

Sunday North Korea slammed South Korean President Moon Jae-in for giving President Trump “big credit in the talks between Pyongyang and Seoul, threatening to pull its delegation heading to Pyeongchang Winter Olympics — but earlier lauded Kim Jong Un’s “brilliant” policy for “reunification” between the North and the South. Continue reading →

US-Led Coalition Helps Build New Syrian Force, Angering Turkey

The U.S.-led coalition is working with its Syrian militia allies to set up a new border force of 30,000 personnel, the coalition said on Sunday, a move that has added to Turkish anger over U.S. support for Kurdish-dominated forces in Syria. A senior Turkish official told Reuters the U.S. training of the new “Border Security Force” is the reason that the U.S. charge d’affaires was summoned in Ankara on Wednesday. The official did not elaborate. Continue reading →

Army Trains More Soldiers to Fight in Tunnels Amid NKorea Threat

The Army is training thousands of additional soldiers in tunnel warfare and is buying more specialized gear needed for such operations in order to be ready to present President Donald Trump with military options for a potential conflict with North Korea. Continue reading →

Israeli PM Backs Trump Critique of Palestinian UN Aid Agency

Sunday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he “completely agrees” with President Donald Trump’s critique of the U.N. agency aiding Palestinian refugees, saying that UNRWA only perpetuates the problem and should cease from operating in the region. Continue reading →