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Bolton: Sanctions ‘Possible’ on European Companies Doing Business with Iran

Sunday White House National Security Adviser John Bolton said “Sanctions on European companies that do business with Iran after the U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal are “possible.” Continue reading →

Trump vows US ‘will not be walked into an Iran deal’ at next month’s North Korea summit

Thursday President Trump told supporters in Indiana that the U.S. would not agree to a redux of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal when he sits down with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in Singapore next month. Continue reading →

Pence says it’s time for special counsel to ‘wrap up’ Russia investigation

Thursday Vice President Pence urged special counsel Robert S. Mueller III to bring his investigation into Russian election interference to a close, saying “it’s time to wrap it up.” Continue reading →

Trump Threatens to Take Away Press Credentials Over Fake News

President Donald Trump, citing negative news coverage about him, questioned whether the “corrupt” and “fake” news media should be stripped of credentials. The president’s comments came in an early morning tweet on Wednesday. He pointed out 91 percent of the “network news about me is negative (fake).” Continue reading →

Senator Marco Rubio: President Trump should nix the Iran nuclear deal

Tuesday President Donald Trump is expected to decide whether or not to quit the Iran nuclear deal. He should not hesitate to nix this flawed and dangerous agreement that is beyond fixing. Continue reading →

Trump push for conservative judges intensifies, to Democrats’ dismay

As President Donald Trump pursues his goal of making the federal judiciary more conservative, his fellow Republicans who control the Senate are poised to confirm another batch of his picks for influential U.S. appeals courts to the dismay of some Democrats. Continue reading →

*Mueller Probe Might Have to Go Dark for Midterm Election

There’s just 6 months until the November midterm elections, and Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign will soon run into a dead zone of sorts, in which former prosecutors say they expect him either to wrap up, or lie low and take no visible steps until after the election. Continue reading →

Giuliani says Trump doesn’t have to comply with a Mueller subpoena and could invoke the Fifth Amendment

President Trump would not have to comply with a subpoena issued by the special counsel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and could invoke the Fifth Amendment if he does sit down with him, one of his lawyers said Sunday. Continue reading →

Feds surveilled, but didn’t record, Michael Cohen’s phone calls

According to Fox News, federal investigators kept a register of phone calls made by President Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, but those calls were not recorded, contrary to an earlier report by NBC News. Continue reading →

Trump Told Rand Paul US Will Pull Out of Afghanistan

President Donald Trump reportedly told Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., that the United States will soon pull its troops out of Afghanistan, The Washington Post reports. Continue reading →