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Secret Service shoots down man’s story about slipping security at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

A guest at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion claims he gave Secret Service agents the slip to snap a selfie in Trump’s private study — but the president’s security detail insists there was no breach. Continue reading →

Brazile admits she forwarded town hall questions to Clinton camp

Friday former interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile admitted that she forwarded Democratic primary town hall questions to members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign – something she had previously denied. Continue reading →

Trump Looking at Legal Action Over Release of His Tax Returns

According to Fox Business, Donald Trump’s personal attorneys are considering possible legal action against MSNBC and a journalist for disclosing parts of the president’s 2005 tax returns. Continue reading →

Midterm election weighs heavily on debate over ObamaCare repeal

The debate on Capitol Hill now focuses on health care. But it’s really about 2018. Major, electoral tidal waves sometimes crash into the members of the president’s party in their first midterm election. Think 1966 after President Lyndon Johnson’s first election in 1964. Continue reading →

Team Trump, GOP downplay looming CBO report, question group’s competence, earlier findings

Sunday Trump administration officials and other key Washington Republicans downplayed the impact of the upcoming Congressional Budget Office report on the GOP’s ObamaCare replacement plan, suggesting the nonpartisan group has miscalculated before on such complex legislation. Continue reading →

Trump’s first budget boosts defense, cuts conservative targets like EPA

This week President Donald Trump sends Congress a proposed budget that will sharply test Republicans’ ability to keep long-standing promises to bolster the military, making politically painful cuts to a lengthy list of popular domestic programs. Continue reading →

Trump, Pence follow ObamaCare replacement rollout with weekend offensive

The White House is trying this weekend to rally support for the ObamaCare replacement plan — with Vice President Pence in Kentucky and President Trump using the bully pulpit and old-reliable Twitter. Continue reading →

GOP Health Plan Risks Backlash From Seniors

House Republicans’ health-care proposal is running into a new political problem: opposition from older people. One day after House GOP leaders unveiled their plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, AARP, the politically potent advocacy group for Americans over 50 years old, came out in opposition. Continue reading →

House panel wants any evidence Trump’s phones were tapped

The House intelligence committee has asked the executive branch for any evidence that would support President Donald Trump’s claim that his phones were tapped at Trump Tower during last year’s election. Continue reading →

Iraqi insurgent fighter allegedly lied about identity, got through ‘extreme’ vetting

Federal lawmakers are investigating how a former Iraqi insurgent fighter was able to lie about his identity and still get through America’s ‘extreme’ vetting process. I know how he got in, those dumb ass liberals won’t let Trump vet them, and deny visas. Continue reading →