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US refugee quota may be lowered to 1980 level

According to the New York Times as the deadline nears for the Trump administration to set a ceiling for refugee admissions, some close to the president have pushed to lower the number below 50,000. Continue reading →

Pope Francis takes swipe at Trump over DACA decision

This Pope isn’t playing with a full deck. Pope Francis took a swipe at President Trump over the weekend for moving to wind down the Obama-era program shielding some young illegal immigrants from deportation, suggesting the decision is not “pro-life.” Continue reading →

Progressives’ frustrations with Feinstein spark talk of 2018 Senate challenge, report

Oh dear, sounds like trouble in paradise, for Feinstein, doesn’t it? Laughing Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s solid stature on Capitol Hill and in California Democratic politics may be in peril, with progressives purportedly frustrated enough about her views on President Trump, DACA and single-payer health care to possibly mount a 2018 challenge for her Senate seat. Continue reading →

Think Tank: 1.3M Illegal Immigrants Were Eligible for DACA in 2016

New estimates show that 1.3 million illegal immigrants were immediately eligible to apply for Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in 2016, with 625,000 more on the cusp, according to a study released by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI). Continue reading →

Rep. King: DACA Recipients ‘Will Make Great Peace Corp Volunteers’

It won’t be long, the left will be attacking him, for being “insensitive”. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, said Tuesday he thinks recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program would make “great Peace Corps volunteers in” their home countries. Continue reading →

Barcelona attack: Suspect says bigger attack was planned

One of the alleged Barcelona attack plotters has admitted a bigger attack was planned, say judicial sources. Mohamed Houli Chemlal was testifying in the Madrid high court, where the four surviving suspects are appearing. He was injured in an accidental blast that reduced a house to rubble in the town of Alcanar last Wednesday. Continue reading →

13 accused ‘Columbus Clique’ MS-13 gang members arrested in Ohio, Indiana

More than a dozen alleged members of the feared MS-13 street gang were arrested during early morning raids Tuesday in Ohio and Indiana, the Department of Justice said. Continue reading →

Dems Recruiting ‘Dreamers’ to Help in 2018 Elections

Not surprising, considering Demonrats need those “illegal” votes. Demonrats are looking for “Dreamers” to help them in campaigns against Republicans in 2018, according to The Hill. Continue reading →

Canada opens Montreal Olympic Stadium for migrants from US

Montreal is temporarily opening its Olympic Stadium as a shelter to host a sudden increase in asylum seekers arriving from the US. More than 4,300 people have crossed into Canada seeking refugee status since January. The majority have crossed into the province of Quebec, straining government and community resources. Continue reading →