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Premiums for Obamacare’s Most Popular Plan to Fall for First Time

The price of the most popular level of health insurance sold under the Affordable Care Act will drop slightly next year, the first time rates have dropped since the law was implemented. Continue reading →

Senators Demand Answers From Army on Lead Poisoning

Friday 4 U.S. senators urged the Army to detail the steps it is taking to safeguard children from lead poisoning, citing a Reuters investigation into hazards on military bases. Continue reading →

Medicinal cannabis products to be legalised

Soon specialist doctors in the UK will be able to legally prescribe cannabis-derived medicinal products by autumn, the home secretary has announced. Those that meet safety and quality standards are to be made legal for patients with an “exceptional clinical need”, Sajid Javid said. Continue reading →

NHS preparing to ‘stockpile’ drugs for no deal Brexit

The NHS in England is preparing to stockpile medicines and blood products in case of a “no deal” Brexit, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said. Continue reading →

Trump administration takes another major swipe at the Affordable Care Act

The Trump administration took another major swipe at the Affordable Care Act, halting billions of dollars in annual payments required under the law to even out the cost to insurers whose customers need expensive medical services. Continue reading →

UK police officer seeks medical treatment in connection with nerve agent attack

A UK police officer police officer sought medical attention in connection with a recent nerve agent attack that left a British couple in critical condition. He was later “given the all clear” Saturday, Wiltshire Police said on social media. Continue reading →

Collins, Murkowski in Hot Seat Over SCOTUS and Abortion

Republican Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins are already in the searing spotlight for the role they’ll play in voting to confirm the next Supreme Court nominee. Continue reading →

Florida Teen First Human to Be Diagnosed with ‘Keystone’ Virus

A teen in Florida is the first known person to be infected by a mosquito-borne virus that previously had only been found in animals. The Keystone virus was first discovered in 1964 in the Tampa Bay area and doctors had thought the virus could possibly affect humans. The teen, who went to an urgent care clinic in North Central Florida in 2016, was diagnosed after seeking help for a fever and rash.

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Pushes Mental Health Programs

Monday Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam told a public affairs group that the keys to curtailing gun violence at schools are to improve the state’s mental health programs and to tighten campus security. Continue reading →

Liberal Group Outlines Plan for Universal Healthcare

Thursday the left-leaning Center for American Progress released a proposal titled “Medicare Extra for All,” which details a plan to provide universal healthcare coverage. Continue reading →