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Single-payer health care gains momentum in liberal states — but can they afford it?

As Obamacare bites the dust, and the GOP effort to replace it uncertain, California and a handful of other liberal states are proposing to adopt a European-style, single-payer health care system where residents pay the state and the state provides care – regardless of income, occupation, or health status. Continue reading →

ObamaCare on federal exchanges increased by average 105% since ’13: report

Tuesday the Trump Administration said, that the cost of an individual ObamaCare policy has increased by an average 105 percent from 2013 to 2017 in all 39 states that have used the federal exchange. Continue reading →

ObamaCare cost spike is Trump’s fault, ACA architect Gruber says

Just think, liberals are stupid enough to believe this bullsh**. ObamaCare co-architect Jonathan Gruber — who infamously said “the stupidity of the American voter” helped get the measure to become law — now blames Trump for rising premium costs. Continue reading →

New threat to ObamaCare repeal: Republicans from Clinton districts

Monday conservatives were holding out as President Trump and House Republican leaders whipped votes for the amended ObamaCare repeal bill. You don’t have to repeal it, just let it go out on its own. It’s failing, and insurance companies are dropping out. Government has no business in our healthcare in the first place. Continue reading →

Trump declares ‘ObamaCare is dead,’ predicts replacement deal soon

Friday President Trump was quite confident about a new health care overhaul coming together as early as next week, declaring in an interview with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum that despite Republicans’ failure to pass a replacement in his first 100 days, “ObamaCare is dead.” Continue reading →

New evidence in France of harm from epilepsy drug valproate

A French study suggests a drug given to pregnant women for epilepsy and bipolar disorder caused “serious malformations” in up to 4,100 children. Mothers treated with valproate for epilepsy were up to four times likelier to give birth to a malformed child, the preliminary study found. Continue reading →

VA retaliation against whistleblower: doctor kept in empty room

Dr. Dale Klein may be the highest-paid U.S. government employee who literally does nothing while he’s on the clock. A highly rated pain management specialist at the Southeast Missouri John J. Pershing V.A., Klein is paid $250,000 a year to work with veterans, but instead of helping those who served their country, he sits in a small office and does nothing. All day. Every day. Continue reading →

Supreme Court to decide whether religious hospitals should be considered part of church

A group of religious hospitals are asking for the Supreme Court to protect it from a group of lawyers that claim the hospitals are not a part of the church. Continue reading →

Trump: Healthcare Deal Will Happen ‘Very Quickly’

President Donald Trump said he expects to make a deal on healthcare “very quickly,” even though his first attempt failed just a few days ago. Trump made the remark Tuesday while hosting a reception for senators and their spouses from both parties at the White House. Continue reading →

Poe quits Freedom Caucus in aftermath of failed ObamaCare overhaul

Sunday Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, resigned from the conservative House Freedom Caucus. Poe intended to vote in favor of the bill and personally told President Trump last week that he would support the measure.

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