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Arrested Dem operative stayed employed despite notoriously ‘hostile’ tactics

We now know that the  Democratic operative arrested and charged with battery against the female campaign manager for Nevada gubernatorial nominee Adam Laxalt was employed at the George Soros-funded American Bridge for months, despite a reputation on Capitol Hill for what sources described as “hostile” tactics. Continue reading →

Trump Rips Attacks on Kavanaugh, Reminds Voters of Midterms

President Donald Trump blasted Democrats for “working hard to destroy” Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and urged voters to “remember the midterms.” Trump’s comments came in a pair of Monday night tweets. In one tweet, he said Kavanaugh has “the potential to be one of our greatest Supreme Court justices ever” and decried the “false accusations” Kavanaugh is facing. Continue reading →

Kavanaugh chaos hangs over Feinstein’s all-Democrat Senate race

Dem Senator Feinstein is getting hell from both sides. She became public enemy No. 1 for her leading role in the Democrats’ failed bid to keep Justice Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court. Supporters at a recent President Trump rally even made her the new target of the familiar “lock her up” chant. Continue reading →

Congress Set to Fund Government, But Not Trump’s Wall

Congress is set to pass a crucial spending bill that averts a government shutdown, but there’s one potential obstacle: President Donald Trump. Continue reading →

Trump demands Warren apologize for ancestry ‘fraud,’ mocks ‘bogus’ DNA test

Tuesday President Trump demanded Sen. Elizabeth Warren apologize for claiming Native-American heritage as part of what he called a “fraud” against the public, mocking her newly released DNA test as “bogus.” Continue reading →

Turkey May Release Pastor Brunson on Oct. 12

Monday the Wall Street Journal said U.S. authorities are hopeful that American Pastor Andrew Brunson, being held in Turkey on terrorism charges, could be released next month, after authorities in Ankara sent out such signals. Continue reading →

Warren releases DNA analysis on Native American heritage, firing back at Trump attacks

Who gives a rat’s ass? She’s a Demonrat, and they are liars and are corrupt. Monday Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren took the rare step of releasing DNA test results examining her possible Native American ancestry, in apparent response to persistent criticism from President Trump and other Republicans. Continue reading →

Feinstein Seeks to Put off Kavanaugh Consideration

The top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee is seeking “immediate postponement” of any further action on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court amid a new report of alleged sexual misconduct. Continue reading →

Pirro Rips Dems, Media Over Anti-Trump ‘Antics’

Saturday in her opening statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro said that the anti-Trump tactics of the left are backfiring. She said that Americans are buying into Trump’s success, and not the “politically correct losing behavior” of presidents before him. Continue reading →

China Calls Off Trade Talks, Won’t Go to Washington Until After Midterms

China has scrapped planned trade talks with the U.S. and is unlikely to sit down with Washington until after November’s mid-term elections, according to people familiar with the situation. Continue reading →