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Dems rebel against Nancy Pelosi as next speaker of the house

The revolt inside the Democratic Party against Nancy Pelosi’s return to the House speakership is gaining momentum with a growing number of Democrats signing a letter pledging not to support the California Democrat for speaker. Continue reading →

LGBTQ Groups to Hold Protests Over Reported Trump Plan on Gender Policy

Sunday LGBTQ groups said they would protest the Trump administration’s reported plans to exclude transgender and nonbinary people from its legal definition of gender. Continue reading →

Hillary Clinton: Abrams would have already won Georgia race if ‘she had a fair election’

She just doesn’t get it, does she?  The Demonrats lost, get over it. Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Tuesday questioned the legitimacy of Georgia’s gubernatorial contest, saying Democrat Stacey Abrams would have already won the uncalled contest if the election was fair. Continue reading →

Manchin Tries to Capitalize On McConnell’s Threats Against Social Programs

Sunday West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin called Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s remarks regarding Obamacare and entitlement programs, “absolutely ridiculous,” Politico reported over the weekend. Continue reading →

Monica Lewinsky details Bill Clinton affair, terrifying meeting with investigators in new doc

I wonder if Billy boy will ever learn how to keep his pants up. Monica Lewinsky is telling all in a new interview that details her affair with former President Bill Clinton and how the scandal forever changed her life. Continue reading →

Sen. Warren: I Took DNA Test to Rebuild Public Confidence in Government

Monday Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she took a DNA test to prove her Native American ancestry in an attempt to restore people’s trust in government. When asked why she changed her mind and took the DNA test, the Massachusetts Democrat said that trust in government has hit an “all-time low,” and “I believe one way that we try to rebuild confidence is through transparency.” Continue reading →

North Korea possibly hiding missile operating bases despite denuclearization pledge

North Korea is conning the United States, building up secret, smaller missile bases even after publicly touting the dismantling of its main launch site, according to a new review of satellite images by a top think tank. Continue reading →

Florida’s secretary of state orders recounts in Senate, gubernatorial races; Trump ‘watching closely’

Saturday Florida’s secretary of state announced  that there will be recounts in the Senate and gubernatorial races after the races became tight enough to trigger them — amid controversy over the handling of the counts, with President Trump warning that he will be “watching closely.” Continue reading →

Trump threatens to withhold California fire aid, citing state’s ‘gross mismanagement’ of forests

All Californication is , is the playground of the rich. And the rest be damned. Just hours after President Trump issued an emergency declaration to provide funds to help firefighters in California as they battle at least three major wildfires across the state, the president threatened to withhold the federal payments — citing the state’s “gross mismanagement” of its forests. Continue reading →

Flake Rejects Trump’s Call For New Border Separation Policy

Sunday Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona said President Donald Trump’s family separation policy at the U.S.-Mexico border is “un-American,” and shouldn’t be renewed.

Continue reading →