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House panel wants any evidence Trump’s phones were tapped

The House intelligence committee has asked the executive branch for any evidence that would support President Donald Trump’s claim that his phones were tapped at Trump Tower during last year’s election. Continue reading →

Chicago’s violent gangs looting freight cars filled with guns

Listen folks, on the south side of Chicago, in one of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods, brazen criminals occasionally hit the gangster’s jackpot: they loot freight containers carrying shiny, new guns. The guns – boxes and boxes of them – are part of shipments that are destined for gun companies or gun shops across the country. But as gangsters have caught on to the practice, they are ransacking these trains and stealing weapons that eventually make their way to the city’s blood-soaked streets. Continue reading →

White House: Trump has not spoken to Comey on Obama wiretap claims

President Trump has not spoken to his FBI director about his claims that former President Barack Obama tapped his phones last year, according to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer – who put the onus on Congress to investigate the widely disputed allegations. Continue reading →

Kellyanne Conway: Trump Wants Investigation Into Alleged Wiretapping Activities

President Donald Trump wants an investigation into allegations that former President Barack Obama ordered his offices at Trump Tower to be wiretapped during the 2016 presidential election as the American people “should know what the truth is.” Continue reading →

Trump Russia Probe Does Not Need Special Counsel, Former Federal Prosecutor Robert Ray Says

Sunday former federal prosecutor Robert Ray said there is no need for special counsel to look into possible ties between the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and Russian officials. Continue reading →

Pence chides Associated Press for publishing wife’s email address

Saturday Vice President Pence lashed out at the Associated Press for listing his wife’s email address in a story about his frequent resistance to public records requests while Indiana’s governor. Continue reading →

Oregon judge faces scrutiny for allegedly helping illegal immigrant escape ICE

An Oregon judge is being investigated after she allegedly helped an illegal immigrant elude ICE agents in January by guiding the man through a private entrance at the courthouse. Continue reading →

Federal judge tosses SEC suit against Texas attorney general

Thursday a federal judge dismissed the U.S. government’s securities fraud lawsuit against Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who still faces criminal charges of duping wealthy investors. But the ruling by U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant is a significant victory for Paxton, who is scheduled to stand trial in May on felony securities fraud charges. He has pleaded not guilty and faces five to 99 years in prison if convicted. Continue reading →

Sen. Rubio booted from Florida office building over rowdy protests

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., was evicted from his Florida office due to the weekly protests that have occurred outside the building. Jude Williams, the president of America’s Capital Partners and the owner of the nine-story building in Tampa, notified Rubio’s office on Feb. 1 that it will not renew the lease. He said the rallies have become too disruptive to the other tenants and a costly security expense for the company. Continue reading →

Spicer checks WH staffers’ phones for leaks, vows more searches coming

As the Trump administration hunts for the source of a series of politically embarrassing leaks that have plagued the young administration, dozens of White House staffers have had their phones searched in what is being termed “recess” compared to what may be planned, two top administration officials told Fox News. Continue reading →