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DOJ just made ‘extraordinary accommodation’ for Carter Page FISA warrant applications. Here’s why.

Friday in a memo the DOJ said it will allow members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees to view surveillance warrants granted against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. The DOJ is calling the move an “extraordinary accommodation.” Continue reading →

Issa thinks special counsel ultimately will lead FBI-Justice probe

Sunday California Rep. Darrell Issa said that existing probes into the Obama administration’s FBI and Justice Department “could and will likely lead” to a special investigator, while fellow Republican and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham suggested the time is now for a special counsel to lead such an investigation. Continue reading →

London murder rate beats New York for month as stabbings surge

Maybe they better ban knives. Back in February, London became just like New York City, but it’s not something would be proud of. The city of Big Ben and the tube overtook New York in murders for the first time in modern history as the British capital dealt with a surge in knife attacks. Continue reading →

Documents suggest possible coordination between CIA, FBI, Obama WH and Dem officials early in Trump-Russia probe

The corruption never ends. Some newly uncovered text messages between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page suggest a possible coordination between high-ranking officials at the Obama White House, CIA, FBI, Justice Department and former Senate Democratic leadership in the early stages of the investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to GOP congressional investigators on Wednesday. Continue reading →

Senator will introduce bill that would send illegal border crossers immediately back to home country

Oklahoma’s senior senator says he has a novel way to end the controversial practice of “catch and release” on the border. Instead of releasing illegal immigrants once they are caught trying to enter the country – and hope they show up to immigration court – Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., proposes sending them back to their home country. That way, he said, the illegal immigrants don’t become “absorbed” in the U.S. after they fail to show up to court. Continue reading →

Orange County votes to fight California’s sanctuary city laws, joining sheriff’s pushback

Tuesday officials in California’s Orange County voted to join a lawsuit from the Trump administration fighting the state’s “sanctuary city” laws, hours after the county sheriff’s department anounced its own methods of pushing back against the legislation aimed at protecting illegal immigrants. Continue reading →

House GOP leaders McCarthy, Scalise join calls for second special counsel

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise have joined the House Republicans calling for a special second counsel to investigate the Department of Justice and FBI’s actions related to the Hillary Clinton and Trump-Russia probes. Continue reading →

Axios: Mueller Focusing on Obstruction, Not Collusion

Hold on, this investigation was to be about collusion with the Russians, but we know how that turned out…..Hildabitch is the one who colluded….Special counsel Robert Mueller has focused on events since the election, not during the campaign, in his dealings with President Donald Trump’s lawyers, indicating that his focus is on obstruction of justice while in office, rather than collusion with Russia during the campaign, Axios reported on Monday. Continue reading →

Strzok-Page texts reveal personal relationship between FBI official and judge recused from Flynn case

Then Flynn should be compensated, and he should sue their asses off. According to texts reviewed by Fox News, the  federal judge who presided over former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s case last year before mysteriously being recused had a personal relationship with anti-Trump FBI official Peter Strzok. Continue reading →

IG could soon release explosive report on FBI’s Clinton probe, as Sessions weighs firing McCabe

The DOJ’s inspector general could soon release his expected explosive report detailing a more than yearlong review of the FBI and DOJ’s Hillary Clinton investigation – an effort that has already put top FBI official Andrew McCabe and his pension in jeopardy. Continue reading →