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China Calls Off Trade Talks, Won’t Go to Washington Until After Midterms

China has scrapped planned trade talks with the U.S. and is unlikely to sit down with Washington until after November’s mid-term elections, according to people familiar with the situation. Continue reading →

Household Incomes Rise for 3rd Year as Poverty Falls Under Trump

Wednesday government data showed the median U.S. household income rose for a third straight year in 2017 and the poverty rate declined further. The Census Bureau says incomes for a typical household, adjusted for inflation, rose 1.8 percent, from $60,309 in 2016 to $61,372. Continue reading →

Banks back Democrats in bid to rebuild bipartisan support

Banks are going to bat for Democrats in the U.S. November midterm congressional elections as part of an ambitious strategy to rebuild the bipartisan support they enjoyed before the 2007-2009 financial crisis. Continue reading →

Saudi Oil Exports to US Hit Year’s High in Response to Trump

It was just announced that Saudi Arabia has markedly increased oil exports to America, a sign OPEC’s leading producer is responding to pressure from U.S. President Donald Trump to cool down the energy market.

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Huckabee Slams Trumka: Conditions on the Rise for Workers

Labor Day former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee took issue with AFL/CIO President Richard Trumka over his comments about the economy and American workers, saying there is no way he could say matters are not good. Continue reading →

The Chicago plan to fix it’s pension deficit

Chicago has a major pension deficit, and it’s considering a somewhat unusual tactic to fix it: Taking on an additional $10 billion in debt. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is weighing a $10 billion taxable bond offering to fix the short $28 billion in the pension fund that goes toward the police, firefighters and other municipal employees. Continue reading →

Trump Seeks Changes in the International Postal Rate System

President Donald Trump says the U.S. must seek changes to the United Nations’s Universal Postal Union that ensure “fair and nondiscriminatory rates for goods that promotes unrestricted and undistorted competition,” following complaints from manufacturers about shipments from China. Continue reading →

Trump: Impeach me and the market crashes

Only Problem, Demonrats don’t care. US President Donald Trump has responded to speculation that he might be impeached by warning that any such move would damage the economy. In an interview with Fox & Friends, he said the market would crash and “everybody would be very poor”. Continue reading →

US Agriculture Chief Says NAFTA Deal Must End Canada’s Milk Protein Scheme

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said Canada must end its low-price milk proteins policy to reach a U.S.-Canadian deal to update the North American Free Trade Agreement. Continue reading →

Trump Says Tariffs on China ‘Ready to Go’

President Donald Trump said he’s ready to impose tariffs on an additional $267 billion in Chinese goods on short notice, on top of a proposed $200 billion that his administration is putting the final touches on. Continue reading →