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Trump trip could cost Police Scotland £5m

A possible one-day visit by US President Donald Trump to Scotland in July could cost Police Scotland £5m. Mr Trump is scheduled to have talks with Prime Minister Theresa May at Downing Street on 13 July. Continue reading →

Theresa May says G7 summit was ‘difficult’ occasion

Theresa May has told MPs, the G7 summit was a “difficult” occasion, with “candid discussions” between the US president and other world leaders. While there was “common ground” in some areas, she said she was “disappointed” by the US stance on trade. Continue reading →

Brexit: UK seeks deal on sharing of ‘top-secret’ information

A deal on sharing top-secret material after Brexit is essential if the UK is to continue defence, intelligence and cyber co-operation, officials say. The UK is seeking a Security of Information agreement with the EU after it leaves based on arrangements the EU already has with the US and Canada. Continue reading →

EU accuses UK of chasing ‘A FANTASY’ over Brexit

EU negotiators have dismissed some of the UK’s demands for Brexit including those relating to the border in Northern Ireland as “fantasy”, a senior EU official has confessed.

How US tax laws affect Meghan Markle

As Meghan Markle joins the royal family, and becomes a British citizen, she will also experience a whole new headache thanks to US tax law. Worldwide, there’s many US  citizens and green card holders and they know that the IRS reaches across the globe. Continue reading →

UK – Call for ‘rights for grandparents’ law

In the UK, MPs are calling for the government to enshrine in law the right for grandparents to see their grandchildren after a divorce. MPs want an amendment to the Children Act, which would include a child’s right to have a close relationship with members of their extended family. Continue reading →

UK launched cyber-attack on Islamic State

The UK has conducted a “major offensive cyber-campaign” against ISIS the director of the intelligence agency GCHQ has revealed. The operation hindered the group’s ability to co-ordinate attacks and suppressed its propaganda, former MI5 agent Jeremy Fleming said. It is the first time the UK has systematically degraded an adversary’s online efforts in a military campaign. Continue reading →

Russian spy: Embassy requests meeting with Boris Johnson

The Russian Embassy in London has requested a meeting between its ambassador and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson over the Salisbury poisoning. An embassy spokesperson said it was “high time” for a meeting to discuss the investigation, as well as a “whole range of bilateral issues”. Continue reading →

London murder rate beats New York for month as stabbings surge

Maybe they better ban knives. Back in February, London became just like New York City, but it’s not something would be proud of. The city of Big Ben and the tube overtook New York in murders for the first time in modern history as the British capital dealt with a surge in knife attacks. Continue reading →

Brexit: EU adopts guidelines for negotiations on future relations

EU leaders have approved guidelines for the negotiation of future relations with the UK after Brexit. The text on trade, security and other issues was agreed in “less than half a minute”, clearing the way for the next phase of Brexit talks to get under way. Continue reading →