Amazon Sending Workers Away for Healthcare

Amazon is paying the travel cost for employees who have been diagnosed with cancer to seek health care at the Los Angeles-area health system City of Hope.

City of Hope National Medical Center, which was established in 1913, is well-known for its cancer treatment center, and began partnering with businesses last year to provide healthcare to employees. City of Hope declined to reveal to the Journal how many Amazon employees have traveled to their center since the program launched in April. Over 380,000 Amazon employees located throughout the U.S. are eligible for the program, if they need it. Under the company’s previous policy, only workers with a life-threatening condition who could not find treatment within 100 miles were eligible for paid travel.

Dene Sparrman, Amazon’s director of global benefits, told the newspaper that the company hopes to boost their workers’ choices and lower spending by having employees see the best specialists to better ensure a proper diagnosis or treatment.

“Instead of waiting for patients to get the wrong care first, then reaching out to the expert, this model is designed so that the patient has access to expertise as early as possible to help ensure the correct care is delivered first,” Sparrman said.


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  1. Sounding Good To Get The Care That They Need Right Away!

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