Trump Calls Dems ‘Socialists, Communists’

Wednesday President Trump referred to Democrats as “socialists” or “communists,” and said he would be hit by what he called the fake news media for making the remark.

“Now we have a group of socialists – or communists could be, could be, they’re not far away,” Trump said during a speech at a rally in New Hampshire. “Now, the fake news will hit me on that. How dare he say that. But they’re not far away, right?”


Trump during his speech at Southern New Hampshire University slammed his Democratic presidential candidates plenty, and also ripped into The New York Times for demoting a deputy Washington editor of the Times.

The Times on Tuesday said Jonathan Weisman would no longer oversee the paper’s congressional correspondents because he repeatedly posted messages on Twitter about race and politics that showed “serious lapses in judgment.”

Trump on Thursday said he should have been fired.

In one tweet, now deleted, Weisman implied several lawmakers of color were not representative of the Midwest and the South. In another tweet, he appeared to tell an African American politician he was not black.

One response

  1. He Could Be Right! Socialists Communists, Or Communists Socialists, It Could Be Demorats!

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