Mark Levin: Republicans should ‘force’ Robert Mueller to testify

After Robert Mueller’s brief statement on Wednesday after the conclusion of the Russia investigation, “Life, Liberty, and Levin” host Mark Levin argued that the special counsel should be ordered to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

On Wednesday, Mueller said that his report would serve as his testimony in regard to the conclusions of his investigation, which did not find that President Trump could be exonerated of obstruction of justice, but could not be indicted either. During an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Friday morning, Levin called on Sen. Lindsey Graham to bring Mueller before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify further.

“The Republicans will have to force him to testify,” Levin said.

“Lindsey… call [Mueller] in front of your committee. Subpoena him. Wherever he is retiring to, drag him back.

Fox News

Further labeling Mueller a “complete fraud,” Levin questioned the special counsel’s statement that it was “not an option” for his commitment to pursue an indictment against President Trump due to limitations of the Department of Justice.

“Can you show me where in your report you say you had probable cause to indict a sitting president but because of those memos you couldn’t indict him?” Levin asked of Mueller.

Fox News

Trump’s lawyer and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has also called on Mueller to testify following the conclusion of his investigation and to explain how and when he came to the determination that there was not adequate evidence to prove that President Trump and his administration colluded with Russian forces.


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  1. That Mueller! Oh, That Mueller! Mueller Talk’s Out Of Both Sides Of His Mouth! Politically Speaking, That Is!

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