Ohio Dem House Candidate Danny O’Connor: Voters Not Talking Impeachment

Ohio Democrat Danny O’Connor, who is still locked in a tight battle with Republican Troy Balderson for an House seat, said voters are not focused on any possible impeachment of President Donald Trump.

O’Connor finished slightly behind Balderson in the August 7 special election in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. But there are still provisional and absentee ballots being counted, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

And Cininnati.com said the final results could come Friday. The winner will fill out the remaining months of former Republican Rep. Pat Tiberi’s term.

Both candidates will face each other again in November when the full two-year term is up for grabs.

And despite the controversies in Washington, O’Connor says he doesn’t really discuss impeachment on the campaign trail.

“I talk about issues that matter to working families like access to healthcare (and) like access to economic opportunity,” he said Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“You know, there’s a choice in our election between someone who is going to do whatever he’s told to do by Washington, D.C. insiders, which includes cutting Social Security and Medicare, and someone like me, who wants to fight for people who work really hard every day.

“Honestly, that issue (impeachment) just doesn’t come up that much. It’s bread and butter, kitchen table issues.”



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  1. I Would Seriously, Hope Not!

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