Rep. King: Dems Hoping Russia Probe Will ‘Never End,’ Are Leaking Closed Testimony to Media

Wednesday Rep Peter King said that Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee are hoping the Russia investigation “will never end.” King accused Democrats on the committee of using the hearings to gain information to leak to the media to keep alive the Trump-Russia collusion “extravaganza.”

“There is no evidence at all of any Russian collusion. All we can be sure of is somehow the Democrats on the committee will run out and against House rules, they will leak secret testimony to the media. That’s what they did with Hope Hicks [and] Donald Trump Jr. … They know they have gotten nowhere on the issue of collusion,” said King (R-N.Y.), a member of the committee.

Fox News

King said amid the collusion accusations, troops have been moved to eastern Europe, hundreds of Russian soldiers have been killed in Syria and arms have been sent to Ukraine to combat Russian aggression.

“Actions speak louder than words … President Trump has taken more aggressive action against Russia in the last year than any other president did over the last three decades,” he said.

Fox News


One response

  1. Oh, But, Eventually The Russia Tall Tale Will Be Ending With No Proof! So That Mean’s Trump Did Nothing At All, Period! A Conclusion Of The Era To Demorat’s Lie’s For Sure!

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