Okay snowflakes, time for a dose of reality

We keep hearing the left whine, and complain, because all gun control legislation has failed.  And when another shooting occurs, Republicans and guns are always blames. Fact – it’s not the gun at fault, but the dumb ass behind it….

Another fact – the left elite really want to confiscate all guns from law abiding citizens, yet they still keep theirs, and their armed guards..

All the while, criminals will still keep, and obtains guns.

But now, liberals are involving kids, in their push for more gun control, which is exploiting the situation. Wake up snowflakes, and see how the left is manipulating you.

“If”, parents grew up, and took charge, and disciplined their kids, none of this would be happening. Instead of trying to be a “friend”, to your young heathens, set the law down. You are the parent, you had these kids.  Teach them right from wrong, and show them what happens when they break the rules.

Where are the dad figures in these homes?

Granted, our kids should be safe in schools, but for cryin’ out loud, place the blame where it belongs – on failed demonrat policies, and the lack of discipline. and at no time,hould a teacher be expected to give up their lives in protecting kids…..they were hired to teach, nothing more.

If you won’t ride herd on your kids, and know everything they are doing, where they are going, and who they are with, then expect the worse. Oh, but the main thing, have armed guards at all schools, by then, at least, the survival rate would be greatly increased, in such situations….


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