McCain Promotes NYT Article Critical of Trump

McCain is an ass. Saturday Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., delivered a shot at President Donald Trump through a tweet in the wake of Trump’s reported disparaging remarks about certain countries. Friday it was reported Trump used the term “s***hole countries” to describe Haiti and certain African nations during a bipartisan meeting on immigration last week. McCain initially responded by calling the reported comments unpatriotic.

Over the weekend, McCain continued the assault by touting a New York Times article that took a critical stance on Trump’s alleged remarks that have been backed up by multiple people.

Must-read @nytimes column by @BretStephensNYT today

— John McCain (@SenJohnMcCain) January 13, 2018


The Times opinion piece written by Bret Stephens said Trump’s reported comments were racist in nature.

“We are not talking about Haiti, El Salvador, Nigeria or any other country on the president’s insult list,” Stephens wrote. “What counts are the people from these countries, both those who are already in the United States as well as those who wish to come. Why should the president think they are any less fit to become Americans than the Norwegians he seems to fancy?

“The obvious answer is racism, the same ‘textbook’ case that Paul Ryan spoke of in June 2016 after Trump called a federal judge’s fitness into question on account of his ethnic heritage.

“Maybe there really is something wrong with the president’s head. Modify with any four letters you wish.”

McCain and Trump have locked horns several times in the past, from Trump’s questioning of McCain’s war hero status to McCain’s more recent comments about “half-baked, spurious nationalism.”



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  1. McCain Has No Class, He’s A Bonafide A$$!

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