Trump to Boost Missile Defense to Combat Threats from Iran, North Korea

With the growing threat to the American homeland from both Iranian and North Korean missile programs, President Donald Trump will designate domestic missile defense as a “priority action” as part of the administration’s national security strategy.

Trump’s national security vision, which is expected to be presented in a speech on Monday, comes as both Iran and North Korea are attempting to boost the power and range of their intercontinental ballistic missiles, which are capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

“The United States is deploying a layered missile defense system focused on North Korea and Iran to defend our homeland against missile attacks,” according to draft language of the NSS viewed by the Free Beacon.

“This system will include the ability to defeat missile threats prior to launch. Enhanced missile defense will not undermine strategic stability or disrupt longstanding strategic relationships with Russia or China.”


The document also highlights concern about the threat of weapons of mass destruction from terror groups such as al-Qaida and ISIS, as well as from hostile nations such as North Korea.

Trump’s speech also is expected to take a hard line with China and Russia, stating that the two countries are trying to “shape a world antithetical to U.S. values and interests [by] challenging American power, influence, and interests [and] attempting to erode American security and prosperity,” Radio Free Europe reported.

The Trump administration also stated that the renewed focus on domestic missile defense systems is necessary due to Beijing and Moscow developing advanced weapons that could threaten vital U.S. infrastructure, according to the Free Beacon

As part of the strategy, the Trump administration also is emphasizing missile defense for NATO allies.

Trump wants European allies to increase their own defense spending by two percent of their gross domestic products by 2024, with at least 20 percent of this spending concentrating on bolstering their missile defense capabilities.
One veteran foreign policy adviser close to the White House who had been briefed on the new NSS said the Trump document is another attempt to reverse what former President Barack Obama did while in office.

“The Obama administration couldn’t be honest about Iran’s ballistic missile threat so they couldn’t do all that was necessary to defend the homeland and our allies,” the source said. “If they had tried to pour resources into defenses against Iranian missiles, it would have highlighted the threat, and then the American public would never have allowed the nuclear deal that lifted the UN’s ballistic missile ban.

“So instead they flooded the zone with talking points about future options after giving Iran billions. The Trump administration isn’t constrained by Iran deal lies, and Trump has called for missile defense and called out Tehran since the beginning, and now they’re going to build what’s necessary.”


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