Eric Holder: Trump Admin. Isn’t ‘Smart’ or ‘Tough’ on Crime

Gee, all this coming from a corrupt ass, who’s butt should be in prison for all the laws he broke. Wednesday former attorney general Eric Holder criticized the Trump administration’s policies on crime as “not smart, not tough” and “ultimately dangerous,” The Hill reports.

Holder made the comments speaking at the National Law Enforcement Summit on Crime in Washington, D.C.

“They are not tough on crime, they are not smart on crime,” Holder told the assembled law enforcement leaders, according to The Hill.

Rather, the policies of current Attorney General Jeff Sessions are “disappointing, dispiriting and ultimately dangerous,” Holder said.


Sessions has rolled back many of the criminal justice reforms put in place by Holder as part of former president Barack Obama’s administration.

Some of those, compiled by The Washington Post:

Rescinding the reduction of mandatory sentences; Sessions instead ordered prosecutors to seek the maximum penalties in criminal cases.

Canceling the phaseout of private prisons.

Reversing restrictions on providing military gear to police departments that were put in place after the events that took place in Ferguson, Missouri.

Reversing a ban on civil forfeiture, allowing law enforcement officials to once again seize assets from suspects who haven’t been convicted of any crime.

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