Somali-born refugee charged in Canada ‘terror’ attack

A Somali-born refugee has been charged with five counts of attempted murder in connection with a weekend attack in Edmonton, Alberta. Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, 30, also faces dangerous driving and weapons possession charges. Five people, including a uniformed police officer, were injured in the Saturday night incident. Authorities said the suspect could still face terror-related charges but none have yet been laid.

Mr Sharif had been known to police for believing in extremist ideology.

If they knew about him, why in the hell was he in the country?

An ISIS flag was found inside the vehicle that hit the police officer. On Saturday evening, Constable Michael Chernyk was rammed by a car outside Alberta’s Commonwealth Stadium. The driver then stabbed the officer several times, before fleeing on foot.

Shortly before midnight, a man driving a rented U-Haul van was pulled over at a checkpoint and police recognised the name on the rental documents as similar to those for the car that struck Constable Chernyk. The truck fled the scene, and was pursued by officers. Four pedestrians were struck during the chase in what police say appeared to be a deliberate action.

Two injured pedestrians remain in hospital, one in serious condition.
Constable Chernyk, is recovering from his wounds.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called it a “terrorist attack” and said he was both “deeply concerned and outraged” by “this senseless act of violence”.


On Sunday evening, hundreds of people attended an anti-violence vigil in Edmonton organised by the Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council. Mr Sharif is due to appear in an Edmonton court on 3 October. He will be formally charged with a total of 11 counts, including the attempted murder charges.

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  1. Well…Since They Knew About Him They Must Not Have Kept Tabs On Him! But Then Again, Canada Welcomed The Immigrant’s With Open Border’s To Their Country! Of Course It’s A Terrorist Attack! And As For Being Outraged Over This Senseless Act Of Violence, Well, Let’s See, Trudeau, Said All Immigrant’s Were Welcomed In To Canada, But……Immigrant’s Have Among Them Terrorist’s; And Terror Cell’s! That’s The Outrageous Part!

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