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McConnell to Consider Bipartisan Plan to Pay Health Insurers

Wow, insurance companies get bailed out, while we the people still get screwed….we still get higher premiums and deductibles.  red mad A week after an attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act failed, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he’d consider a bipartisan effort to continue payments to insurers to avert a costly rattling of health insurance markets. Continue reading →

US attorney general says four charged in crackdown on leaks

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced four people have been charged over leaks as he launched a crackdown on disclosure of classified material. He said the suspects stood accused of unlawfully divulging classified information or concealing contacts with foreign intelligence officers. Continue reading →

Sessions unveiling leak crackdown on heels of transcript bombshell

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other top administration officials are making a show of force Friday in their battle against illegal leaks, planning to announce details of investigations into leaks of classified material. The press briefing comes on the heels of one of the biggest leaks under this administration – the disclosure of transcripts of President Trump’s phone calls with two foreign leaders in January. Former federal prosecutors tell Fox News that leak likely constitutes a federal crime, and lawmakers of both parties have voiced concern about how that material got out and the security implications. Continue reading →

Good news, bad news as Trump administration staffs up

Trump got some good news Thursday regarding his efforts to fill job vacancies in his administration: Nearly 70 nominees received Senate approval in one fell swoop. Continue reading →

Trump Praises White House, Hits Back at ‘Fake News’ Report

There must be a way to muzzle these liberal asses. President Donald Trump late Wednesday lauded the White House as “one of the most beautiful buildings [homes] I have ever seen” and bashed a “fake news” report he had called it a “real dump.” Continue reading →

Canada opens Montreal Olympic Stadium for migrants from US

Montreal is temporarily opening its Olympic Stadium as a shelter to host a sudden increase in asylum seekers arriving from the US. More than 4,300 people have crossed into Canada seeking refugee status since January. The majority have crossed into the province of Quebec, straining government and community resources. Continue reading →

Health insurers in Idaho request premium rate hikes as high as 81 percent

According to the state’s Department of Insurance, health care insurers in Idaho have requested premium rate hikes as high as 81 percent for next year. The five insurers serving the individual market in Idaho are Blue Cross of Idaho Health Service, Mountain Health Co-Op, PacificSource Health Plans, Regence BlueShield of Idaho, and SelectHealth.

Continue reading →

Huma emails reveal Clinton allies seeking jobs, meetings

Judicial Watch said Wednesday newly obtained emails from Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin reveal friends of the Clinton Foundation and political allies seeking personal favors from the Clinton State Department. Continue reading →

End of U.S. payments to health insurers would cause premiums to rise: CBO

Why should taxpayers bail out insurance companies in the first place? Health insurance premiums for many customers on the Obamacare individual insurance markets would be 20 percent higher in 2018 if U.S. President Donald Trump follows through on a threat to stop billions of dollars of payments to health insurers, a nonpartisan congressional office said on Tuesday. Continue reading →