EPA Looking at Unions’ Ideas for a Trump ‘Clean Coal’ Power Plan

According to the Washington Examiner, miners and major labor groups are pushing for a replacement version of former President Barack Obama’s climate change rules. The push has come in a series of meetings with the Environmental Protection Agency and the White House.

“The EPA is reviewing the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan as part of a process that ultimately will see the plan repealed or re-proposed as a replacement rule that it can justify as legally defensible under the Clean Air Act,” John Siciliano of the Examiner wrote.

“A presentation given by the United Mine Workers of America and boiler and utility unions to the Office of Management and Budget at a June 26 meeting at the White House examined the legal basis for a replacement rule.”


Conservative groups say if the EPA goes for the replacement rule, a Donald Trump plan would likely favor coal-fired power plants and reward them for improving boiler heat-rate efficiency.

“There’s a rumor that Administrator (Scott) Pruitt is going to, in order to put the best legal foot forward on climate change, push for what is ‘Building Block One’ of the Clean Power Plan,” said Sam Batkins, who was the conservative American Action Forum’s regulatory director until last month.

“That’s limited to heat-rate improvements at coal-fired facilities, and that will reduce emissions 2 to 3 percent depending on the figure.”


The Daily Caller reported the Obama administration used the Clean Power Plan to meets its obligations under the Paris climate accord.

The EPA is reviewing the rule and is widely expected to repeal it with a less restrictive regulation, the Daily Caller said.

“It will be based on efficiency improvements that can be made to reduce the CO2 emission rates at individual power plants, and states will be given flexibility in deciding on the CO2 emission rate standards that will apply to each of the existing plants within their borders,” former EPA official Jeff Holmstead told The Daily Caller News Foundation.


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