NY Gov. Cuomo Dares Trump to Deport Him

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) told a crowd in New York City that if the Trump administration wants to “deport immigrants” that they should start with him.

Cuomo, whose grandfather Andrea immigrated from Italy, said that unless people belonged to the Onondaga, Mohawk and other Upstate New York tribes, “we are all immigrants.”

Cuomo, who like Trump is from Queens, N.Y., said the White House forgot the Emma Lazarus poem engraved on the Statue of Liberty.

“I lift my lamp beside the golden door,” Cuomo said.

He said Trump broke the “Cardinal rule” of New York State: “They forgot who they are.”

“New Yorkers know that we are all immigrants,” he said. “You too are an immigrant my friend.”

Trump’s mother, Mary, immigrated from Scotland and his father’s family is from Germany.

“You want to deport immigrants? Start with me because I’m an immigrant,” Cuomo said.

Fox News

Cuomo’s late father, Mario, also served as governor and was considered a possible Democratic opponent to President George Bush in 1992.

His younger brother, Chris, is a CNN anchor.


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