Town stands up to atheist bullies, refuses to remove cross

It was way back in 1930 when the good people of Neosho, Missouri installed a giant, lighted cross in the Big Spring Park. The cross, about 60-feet long, was the centerpiece of the town’s annual Easter sunrise services. And while the sunrise services ended many years ago, the cross remained.

And for the past 87 years, not a single person in the community complained about the emblem – until last May. That’s when the town received a letter from an out-of-town group of atheists, agnostics and freethinkers. They demanded the cross be removed from public property.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has a notorious reputation for bullying small towns and communities. And most of those towns surrender because they don’t have the money to fight potential lawsuits.

But it just so happens that the out-of-town atheists picked the wrong folks to mess with.

“The cross is not going to go anywhere,” Mayor Ben Baker said. “We are taking a stand. It’s the best thing to do and it’s the right thing to do.”

And the city council agrees with the mayor – voting unanimously to protect the cross.

“It is the unanimous opinion of the city council that the City of Neosho will not remove the cross or take any other actions which in any way compromises the long standing history of our city,” the city council said in a statement.

Sick isn’t it, how non believers who for some reason are offended by something the don’t believe in?

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