en. Tim Kaine: Trump Budget Full of ‘Broken Promises’

Wednesday Senator Tim Kaine accused President Donald Trump of backtracking on his campaign promises in his budget proposal released this week.

“This was a president, who on the campaign trail said very plainly, ‘Unlike every other Republican, I’m not going to cut Medicaid, I’m not going to cut Medicare. I’m not going to cut Social Security,'” Kaine said on CNN’s “New Day,” adding that Trump’s budget doesn’t stick to those vows.


“That really jumps out at me and it makes me think that when we see the [Congressional Budget Office] score later today about the healthcare bill, it’s also going to break President Trump’s promises: nobody pays more, nobody loses coverage, nobody gets kicked around if they have a pre-existing condition,” he said. “I’m expecting to see more broken promises today.”

When he announced his presidential campaign, Trump promised to “Save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cuts.” He told The Daily Signal in 2015, “I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid.”

He added, “Every other Republican is going to cut, and even if they wouldn’t, they don’t know what to do because they don’t know where the money is. I do.”

White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said when releasing the plan that “There are no Medicaid cuts in terms of what ordinary human beings would call a cut,” according to The Hill.



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