Trump Admin. Putting Spotlight on Policy of Plane Sales to Iran

Boeing’s announced agreement to sell another 60 airplanes to Iran has exposed an Obama-era policy that’s now under extreme vetting by President Donald Trump’s administration.

Tuesday’s $3 billion deal, is part of the umbrella nuclear accord reached with the terrorist state under President Barack Obama — now needs the approval of Trump’s administration, the Beacon reported.

The Treasury Department confirmed that it “will be reviewing aviation licensing as part of the National Security Council’s ongoing interagency review of the Iran deal,” past and present, the Beacon reported.

Trump campaigned on scuttling the U.S.-Iran nuclear pact and renewed his intent to do so after taking office, recently calling it “the worst deal I’ve ever seen negotiated.”

The White House is getting pressure to put an end to these deals, given the presumption that Iran uses American-made planes to transport weapons to terrorists, the Beacon reported.

“On the same day Bashar al-Assad’s Air Force dropped chemical weapons onto children, an American company announced its intent to sell airplanes to Assad’s patrons in Tehran,” Rep. Peter Roskam told the Free Beacon.

“We will do everything within our power, and we hope the administration will do everything within its power, to prevent the sale of even more airplanes to state-owned companies in the Islamic Republic.”


Boeing’s deal with Aseman Airlines, still allowed legally so long as it doesn’t involve Iranian entities restricted by U.S. sanctions, comes on top of the aircraft maker’s near $17 billion pact with Iran Air late last year, which is still being finalized.

This test for Trump is a showdown between his Iran pledge vs. hurting business for Boeing; if Boeing’s not allowed to consummate the combined $20 billion in sales to Iran, another company will.

“Maybe [Boeing is] right — though that’s not the mood on the Hill,” a source told the Free Beacon.


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