Dem Rep: Russia Committed Act of War By Meddling in Election

See how stupid Demonrats are? On Monday, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that Russia “attacked” the United States by meddling in the presidential election.

Tucker Carlson asked Swalwell what type of war-like means America would respond, offering the example of mobilizing a military vessel near Vladivostok, Russia on the Pacific Coast.

Carlson said his description of the meddling as an “act of war” was “hysterical”, noting that Sen. Benjamin Cardin (D-Maryland) also echoed Swalwell’s sentiment.

We should warn our Eastern allies their natural gas is going to be cut off, Carlson remarked.

Swalwell said the response, like the ‘war’, should be non-military, suggesting sanctions on Russia’s economy to weaken Vladimir Putin.

He dismissed Swalwell’s suggestion of “talking tough” to Russia if they indeed committed an “act of war”.

“I can’t imagine a more irresponsible response to an “act of war” than “talking tough” or doubling down on sanctions… or expanding NATO,” Carlson said.

Fox News

Swalwell said Republicans and Democrats should ultimately unify against all forms of foreign interference.

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