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DACA recipient who claims to be first ‘Dreamer’ deported under Trump files suit

This is costing tax payers money, as it becomes a big payday for attorneys defending these criminals. A 23-year-old so-called “dreamer” is suing the federal government over his deportation to his native Mexico earlier this year. Continue reading →

Did California prison reform lead to an increase in crime?

What do you expect when liberals control a state? More than a dozen states are considering prison reform measures to drastically reduce their inmate populations to save money. But law enforcement in California are blaming their reforms for a recent uptick in crime.

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North Korea tensions have Hawaii pols revisiting emergency attack plans

Hawaii lawmakers anxiously are dusting off the state’s emergency plans in preparation for the possibility – however remote – of an attack on the islands. Thanks do to the cocky little fat slob in Korea. Continue reading →

hich state sends most taxes to DC?

Last year, the District of Columbia paid Uncle Sam $37,000 per person in federal income, payroll and estate taxes. The next closest was Delaware, at $16,000 per person. Continue reading →

Trump gives generals more freedom to make decisions in ISIS fight

U.S. military commanders are stepping up their fight against Islamist extremism as President Donald Trump’s administration urges them to make more battlefield decisions on their own. Continue reading →

Pence aims to reassure allies amid North Korea threat

President Donald Trump has labeled North Korea a “problem” country and says it will be dealt with through a broad — and vague — set of options. But it might be up to his vice president, Mike Pence, to fill in the details when he arrives in Asia. Continue reading →

North Korea missile test: Latest launch ‘blew up almost immediately’

Apparently missile fired from North Korea’s east coast Sunday “blew up almost immediately,” the U.S. Pacific Command said. The launch came near the city of Sinpo and one day after one of the biggest North Korean propaganda events of the year – celebrations of the 105th birthday of late North Korea found Kim Il Sunday.

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Microsoft Says Users Are Protected from Alleged NSA Malware

Microsoft says the recent dump of purported National Security Agency spying tools doesn’t affect up-to-date users of Windows, puncturing claims that the digital arsenal was poised to create chaos across the internet. Continue reading →

US Launches Qualification Tests for Upgraded Nuke Bomb

Scientists at Sandia National Laboratories are claiming success with the first in a new series of test flights involving an upgraded version of a nuclear bomb that has been part of the U.S. arsenal for decades. Continue reading →

Sean Spicer reports to Pentagon for Navy Reserve duty

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer reported, in uniform, to the Pentagon Friday to fulfill his U.S. Navy Reserve duty, a White House official told Fox News. Continue reading →