Nigel Farage: European Union Is Terrified of Donald Trump

Nigel Farage, a member of the European Parliament from England and a supporter of President Trump, said the European Union is “terrified” of what the new leader of the free world may do.

Farage, made an impassioned speech on the floor of the European Parliament in Brussels in support of Trump’s travel ban order, said that some of his fellow parliamentarians are using that issue as a wedge because of Trump’s position on the EU itself.

“The real reason is this new American administration does not respect supernational organizations like the EU; they believe in nation-states.

Fox News

Trump has hinted that the United States is now more interested in conducting bilateral trade deals with individual countries, “bypassing the bureaucrats” at the EU, Farage said.

Farage said leaders like Jean Claude Juncker of Luxembourg, the leader of the EU, and Angela Merkel of Germany who have previously supported welcoming thousands from troubled areas in the Middle East, are “in denial” of Trump’s view on the immigration issue.

He also said that watching Democrats unite against Trump at every turn reminds him of Labour leaders in Britain who “refused to accept” the Brexit vote.

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